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Avoid these simple mistakes in your resume

Jessica Yun
·2-min read

A résumé is the first impression of a candidate.

Drafting a résumé can be daunting at any point in one’s career. Be it a fresher or a professional with more than a few years of experience, and it is always a dilemma about what should go into the résumé and what shouldn't. 

Here are some common errors to be avoided to fetch brownie points on your résumé in your next interview.

Thoroughly check spellings

The most overlooked aspect of any official document, especially a résumé, is spellings. Major spelling mistakes or minor grammatical errors can put the entire résumé at the risk of potentially being misunderstood. This signifies negligence and irresponsibility. So make it a practice to thoroughly check the contents of the résumé and proofread it multiple times to ensure quality.

Avoid mentioning character traits

The interviewer would never know if you are honest and hardworking until you worked with the organisation. So, do not make the mistake of including character traits like truthfulness, sincerity, etc. Only the qualities and qualifications that can be explained to the interviewer are worth being mentioned in the résumé.

Avoid superfluous information

In an attempt to make your résumé look full and informative, do not try to pack in all the details and data. This could lead to the interviewer leaving out the more important details and be stuck with trivial ones. It is important to include essential and significant details and omit the insignificant and trivial ones.

Don't make it too lengthy

While you might be tempted to make your résumé lengthy to exhibit your skills and accomplishments, it is strongly recommended that you heed the length of your résumé and restrict it to a maximum of one page. A long résumé outweighs the essential aspects and tends to deviate the reader’s concentration.

Pay attention to the passive details like the alignment and formatting, don’t make it visually crowded as this might not look appealing. Always sound genuine and make sure all the information provided is genuine. Keep updating your résumé from time to time and ensure that you are not missing out on the latest accomplishments and certifications. It is a huge misconception to assume that One size fits all. Do not try to copy the format or the guidelines of a résumé that belongs to a different domain or another industry, for that matter.

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