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Aurélie Ortolé: The dynamic woman raring to be the number one in the vast eyewear industry

·3-min read

Aurélie Ortolé: The dynamic woman raring to be the number one in the vast eyewear industry, bringing in her own style and vibe to her designs.

It is her grit and passion, which has led her to become a young leader in the eyewear industry of France already.

The more we get closer to people in this world, thanks to the internet and notice the evident change that is taking over almost all business industries, the more we would find that so many young talents in this world have come forward to showcase what they truly possess. It is said that because of the digital wave, the world on one end, is becoming smaller, and on the other end, it is also coming closer, which is opening doors of many opportunities for many youngsters to do something bigger and better in their area of interest. These youngsters are leaving no industry behind to grow and scale it further to much better development. The eyewear industry is also one of these, where in the recent past; several young talented minds have come forward with their own style and vibe and have put the same into their eyewear collection. One young woman entrepreneur from France is Aurélie Ortolé.

Born in 1993 in Martinique, Aurelie since her early childhood days always felt inclined towards the entrepreneurial world. However, as she grew up, she was still at crossroads to decide which industry to venture in, to start her expedition into the entrepreneurial sector. Looking at the exponential growth of the eyewear industry in France, which is one of the places in the world that is also known for the style, fashion and other extravagant things, Aurelie decided to do something into the same and this led her to open her own eyewear store franchise in Bordeaux called ‘Tropical Optic Shop.’

In 2019, the global eyewear market size was valued at around USD 138.7 billion and after seeing the growth in the market, many experts have also predicted it to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% from the current year to 2027. This massive growth till date is also due to the focus of various superior brands on first, the quality and second exemplary designs. In fact, people have also predicted that more investments can be seen in the market in the coming years with more advancements of different shapes and colours of eyewear.

The emergence of new players like Aurelie in the ever-growing markets of France has increased more buying options for customers and has also increased brand competitiveness. Aurelie’s optical shop in Bordeaux Tropical Optic Shop is known today as one of the leading opticians in the city that not only caters to their clients with exceptional designs but also takes great care with their services for all their clients. The proof is the prominence Tropical Optic Shop enjoys within just a year and a half presence in the city.

At only 27 years of age, Aurelie has understood the market trends and the dynamics of the same, making her one of the youngest eyewear women entrepreneurs of France, who is impressing everyone with her exquisite collection of eyewear for all, giving them a look through her collection that suits their personality. What’s even more remarkable about this young talent is that she has also initiated her French eyewear brand called ‘Ortolé French designer’ which has been created in 2020 and already making a lot of buzz in the industry.

With her innovative line-up of glasses and eyewear, there is no doubt that Aurelie has already turned into a dynamic woman entrepreneur, who with her grit and passion is exceeding customer’s expectations and raising the bar for many others in the industry.

Follow her on Instagram – or follow her brand’s pages – & to know more.

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