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Assisting more connectivity globally through tech and wide range of approaches

Staff Writer
·4-min read

Welcoming Junichi Hoshino, born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in May 1989. Today, Junichi is a founder and executive of Flat Holdings Inc., a holdings company consisted of multiple IT related organizations including the Internet connection unit “C-Hikari” as well as Ever Call, a multi-functional CTI system, an innovative asset with functions that are truly useful for insurance and telecommunications companies.

We are really obliged to have Junichi with us in sharing his journey of how he has built a leading empire and his vision on contributing globally at various sectors. It is definitely an honor. Thank you for sparing some time out of your busy schedule for us.

Foremost, we would like to know how you started your activity and what was the inspiration behind it.

“I began my painting business for motorcycles while I was enrolled in a high school. Later, when I got admitted into a university, I opted to work in a venture organization while continuing my education. I worked in that firm for about two years and learned significantly from it. Eventually, I used the knowledge I learned and the experience I earned to set up my store in Saitama prefecture.

I began work hunting in my third year of university and interned at multiple organizations. However, I was never really satisfied since I could not discover the companies I wanted to join. Although I was employed as an assistant in these organizations, I felt like I wasn’t learning enough. I felt restricted around them.

This actually struck me, and that is the point where I asked myself why am I looking for an organization, why am I not setting up one on my own?

This began my life as a businessman. It was literally the best decision I ever took. It groomed me physically as well as intellectually. The sole purpose of this business was to eliminate waste and magnify productivity, both domestically and internationally.

Subsequently, currently, I am aiming to make some pivotal contributions in the world. I am working to lay down the basis of a society where worth and data stream more reasonably.”

What were some of the major obstacles you had to overcome while building your businesses?

“For my situation, I felt a significant hindrance with regards to developing myself for the business I initiated. When I was a student, I had some experience regarding sales and stuff, but I had no other critical vocation experiences.

I firmly believe that we live in a time where the key to enlightening our future is getting ourselves involved in internet-related fields such as IT, or Social Media. For my situation, since I didn’t have such a profession, I was in a dire need to study, learn and get myself adapted to the industry I chose, to make myself capable enough to lead the company.

Hence, the solitary wall I had to cross was myself. Definitely, refreshing and updating yourself is crucial if you want to attain prosperity in your life.”

What guidance do you have for clients and individuals who wish to encounter your initiatives?

“Conveying more than what they expect is a significant wellspring of inspiration for me. I just want our clients to expect that we are an organization that consistently surpasses their expectations. We won’t let them down in any way. Their satisfaction is what we endeavor for!”

Thank you so much for sharing your journey and wisdom with us, Lastly Junichi share with us, what kind of changes do you think your initiative will bring to people?

“I believe it will expand the efficiency of the entire world. We are occupied with an assortment of organizations, yet we attempt to add to the profitability of the world with regards to this particular business. Later on, we would want to grow in Japan and extend our services for people all across the globe.

A wide range of approaches could be used to enhance productivity, yet our company would be focused on the proper disposal of waste to magnify offerings. By eliminating the waste, we can positively affect expense and profitability likewise. Diminishing expenses would assist us to make major investments in our business well ahead of time, whereas by expanding profitability, we can change every individual’s compensation and work life.”

It was an absolutely great having this conversation with you. You are definitely an inspiration. I hope you achieve every milestone you set for yourself. Wishing you good luck, and again, very much appreciating your presence here.