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#AskBQ: Should You Invest In Raymond, Laurus Labs, Marico?

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#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equities market.

In this episode, Sameet Chavan of Angel Broking and Vikas Sethi of Sethi Finmart Raymond, Laurus Labs, Marico and much more.

Watch the full conversation here:

Here are the edited excerpts form the conversation:

Parveen Gulati: I hold 500 shares of NCC at Rs 114 and 500 shares of Marico at Rs 345. Can I expect a technical breakout?

Sameet Chavan: If the stock manages to surpass Rs 121 levels and sustains above that, we can term it as a technical breakout and in that scenario, the stock can hit Rs 132 levels.

On Marico, there was a breakout seen in this counter. This stock has a good buying interest and any dip around Rs 335 levels could be a good buying opportunity. We expect Marico to touch around Rs 350-358 in near term.

Satya Subhash: When can one enter KNR Construction with a long-term view?

Vikas Sethi: One can buy KNR Construction at current levels with a long-term view.

Shiva Sindhur: I want to invest in Raymond, Laurus Labs and Purvankara with a three-year view. Please advise.

Vikas Sethi: I prefer Raymond and Laurus Labs. I suggest you look at Sobha Developers, Sunteck Realty and Ajmera Developers instead of Purvankara.

S Chatterjee: I sold Bajaj Finance at Rs 1,922 recently. Can I enter the stock again at current levels? Also, Can I enter Avanti Feeds at current levels?

Vikas Sethi: For Bajaj Finance, it is good to enter at current levels. You can expect about 5-6 percent correction in near term. However, it should be a problem if you have a long-term view. You can invest in Avanti Feeds in a staggered manner at current levels.

Vivek: Can you please provide a one-year view on NBCC?

Sameet Chavan: One can enter the stock at Rs 75-80 levels. Hold on to the stock if you have already invested since the downside is limited.

Satish: I bought 170 shares of HAL and the current price is 10 percent lower than your buying price. What are your views on HAL?

Vikas Sethi: I suggest you hold on to the stock if you have a long-term view.

Nandakishore: I hold shares in Electrosteel Steels? Please advise.

Vikas Sethi: If the stock is de-listed, it does not mean that the stock will not be reflected in your de-mat account. One cannot do anything with the stock since it is de-listed.

Aditya Nair: Can I enter MCX India at current levels with a long-term view?

Sameet Chavan: We have been recommending our clients to buy at Rs 700 levels. One can hold on with a short-term view with a strict stop-loss below Rs 800.

Sandeep Joshi: What are your views on Weizmann Forex?

Vikas Sethi: I suggest you exit the stock and book losses.

Arvind Kumar: What are your views on Marksans Pharma, Suzlon Energy and RattanIndia Power?

Sameet Chavan: I suggest you avoid these stocks. I suggest you invest in stocks like Lupin.

Joshua Anand: I bought 600 shares of Himadri Speciality Chemicals at Rs 170 with a five-year view. Please advice. Also, please advise if this the right time to enter Granules India.

Sameet Chavan: I prefer Stocks like Lupin and Dr. Reddy’s Lab instead of Granules. Wait for a decent dip to happen in Granules India if you still want to invest in Granules India. You can start investing at Rs 80 levels in a staggered manner.

Vikas Sethi: In regards to Himadri Speciality, I suggest you hold on to the stock.

Ankit Mishra: I bought 100 shares of Motilal Oswal at Rs 1,160. What is your six-month view on the stock?

Sameet Chavan: You can hold on to the stock with a stop-loss of Rs 850.

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