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How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the consumer electronics industry

By Rohit Sahni 

The consumer electronics industry has been an inevitable segment of our lives. This is inclusive of smartphones, games consoles, cameras, entertainment system, car accessories, etc. The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this industry opens up many growth avenues and opportunities. For attracting the ever-evolving customers, manufacturers are adopting the latest groundbreaking technologies. Here are few notable AI trends that are reinventing the consumer electronics segment.

Intelligent homes

AI has provided the opportunity to control household appliances with ease. These devices can manage the performance of the various devices through voice recognition or smartphones. They can adjust the temperature and other factors using their smart sense technology.

Independent vehicles

Self-driven cars are no longer a distant dream. Leading automobile companies have taken this progression to the next level through self-driven vehicles. They can analyse the situation and make ideal decisions to navigate the vehicle.

Enhanced entertainment system

Various movie and music applications provide the daily dose of entertainment to the consumers. Some of these software has utilised the AI technology to understand customer preference. This aids it to segregate and provide a suggestion based on this need. The advancement is also used to analyse the music notes and to improve the styles.

Mobile Assistant

We spend a significant amount of time speaking and connecting with the world through the phone. This connectivity would be further enhanced through the mobile assistant. High-end phones currently contain this technology.

Advancement in marketing strategies

All companies strive hard to understand customer perception and expectation. AI has the ideal solution for this issue by monitoring consumer behaviour and creating customised campaigns to match them. This is also inclusive of programmed machines which can support the customer queries and doubts.

Health and wellness devices

Smartwatches are effective in tracking the movement and other vital statistics of the individuals. The latest devices do not just track the data but also can take necessary steps in case of emergencies.

Experts are doing continuous analysis on the segment to improve their utility in different mediums, so as to help companies to reduce their production cost, understand consumer expectations and build more effective marketing strategies.

The writer is director, WK Life, a lifestyle & electronic gadgets brand based out of Hong Kong.