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Article 370: J&K BJP to suggest domicile option to protect land rights of locals

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Article 370: J&K BJP to suggest domicile option to protect land rights of locals

Amid the fear that scrapping of Article 370 will devalue land rights in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP leader Nirmal Singh assured a domicile-like option will soon be suggested to Union government.

The Centre is already exploring limitations to ensure local rights will not be usurped.

"Soon, we are going to propose a domicile-like option for Jammu and Kashmir. Their interests shall be protected. Like in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, agricultural land cannot be bought. This option is also in the mind of the Union government," said Nirmal Singh.

Nirmal Singh also said that now the private sector will be encouraged in Jammu and Kashmir.

He was confident misuse will not be possible and instead will benefit landowners.

"Only if someone wants to sell land, will it be bought. Fear has been created that all land will be usurped and outsiders will settle. I can assure this will not happen" said the former deputy CM of the state.

Nirmal Singh added, "Industries will come and bring in employment opportunities that were denied to the state for decades."

The state, soon-to-be union territory, has always had few employment opportunities.

"Not more than six per cent of people had government jobs earlier. 90 per cent out of it went to Kashmir residents. Now, there will be more opportunities for all," he added.

"Special privileges were only for few (political) families. Jammu, Ladakh, Gujjars, Bakerwals, Valmikis were discriminated. What did a special identity give to the state?" asked Singh.