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Apple Watch Detects Fall, Autodials 911, Helps EMS & Family to Locate US Mountain Biker Who Lay Unconscious After Terrible Accident (View Viral Pics)

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Technology has redefined how we use to rely on emergency services earlier. To the latest story, Apple Watch has helped its owner to get immediate medical attention. Thanks to its fall detection feature. The man who flipped his bike, hit his head and lay unconscious was quickly located by his family because of the Apple Watch that he was wearing on his wrist. His son through a Facebook post informed the terrible incident that happened near the Riverside State Park in Washington, United States. The Apple Watch fall detection auto dialled 911, helped the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and his family to locate the mountain biker. The viral pictures shared on social media show the fractured watch and its owner, who is under medical attention now. New Apple Watch Series 4 Launched Globally; Prices, Features, Specifications - All You Need To Know. 

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So this is what happened. Gabe Burdett was visiting his father, Bob to enjoy some mountain biking in Riverside State Park. He got a text from his dad’s Apple watch informing him that it “detected a Hard Fall,” along with a map to his location. It was not far from where the duo decided to meet. Burdett immediately rushed to the scene. But he could not find his father. That is when he got another update with a change in Bob’s location to the hospital where he was taken. Within half an hour, Burdett’s father received medical attention. Apple iPhone 11 Users Are Boasting Its Ultra Wide Angle Lens on Twitter & the Viral Pictures Are Breathtaking. 

Here's the Viral Post:

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Burdett lauded the technology, and he feels so glad that his father had Apple’s watch. Bob is under medical care and recovering soon. Apple Watch series fall detection has been credited with saving lives all over the world. The fall detection feature is turned off by default if you are under 65, but anyone can turn it on from the Watch app available on the iPhone. The tech feature works by detecting when a sudden fall occurs, automatically calling the emergency services if the person does not dismiss the alert within one minute of falling. Scanning the person’s emergency contact information, he or she will be notified with a text message and a map of the watch’s location at the time of the accident.