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Apple shows off new emojis coming this year, including zombies, a genie and T-Rex

Todd Haselton
Apple. Apple on Monday previewed some of the new emoji that will come to iPhone, iPad and Mac this year.

Apple (AAPL) on Monday teased new emojis that it will launch later this year for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The company said it revealed some of the new emojis to help celebrate World Emoji Day. Several new characters are on the way, including a genie, a tyrannosaurus rex, zombies, an elf, a man doing yoga, a woman breastfeeding, and more.

The new emojis are technically a set of emojis that are launching as part of Unicode 10.0, the standard set for emoticons. While Apple didn't show them, there will also be emojis for bitcoin, a man in a steam room, various additional dinosaurs, sleds and more. You can see the full list — though not necessarily Apple's interpretation of them — on the Unicode website.

Apple didn't say when the new emojis will be available on its devices, but expect them sometime around the launch of iOS 11 in September.

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