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Apple Replacing Faulty Smart Battery Cases for Free: Check if Yours is Eligible

Apple has announced a free replacement programme for the Smart Battery Cases made for its 2018 iPhone lineup. The issue seemingly lies with the cases that were manufactured between January and October 2019, only for the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. According to Apple, users who are eligible for the replacement programme will find that their Smart Battery Cases are either not charging, or charging intermittently when plugged into a power source. Furthermore, these charging cases would also either not charge the said iPhones, or charge them intermittently as well.

Apple has not stated any issue with the safety of using the faulty cases. Instead, it seems that the fault lies with the power reception and delivery of the cases, than the batteries on them. If you have been facing such issues with the charging cases that you bought for your iPhone XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, you can now simply walk into a nearby Apple Store, or an authorised Apple retailer, to get it exchanged for a new case that works fine. The exchange programme is valid across all markets where Apple sold the charging cases, which includes India.

If you fall in the eligible bracket, you should head to an Apple service center or retailer at the earliest. Apple has further clarified that the replacement does not invoke any extended warranty on the product, and the cases will first be inspected by Apple, before being replaced. All the faulty cases will be disposed of by the brand in an environmentally friendly way.