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Apple promises fix for iPhone X touch getting unresponsive in cold weather

Maitrayee Iyer | IANS
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Ever since we used the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, we’ve been waiting for the iPhone X. We had our first impressions of the iPhone X a couple of weeks ago. While it described the initial awe that hovered around the device, this is our review of the best iPhone of 2017 after using it for much of November. To set it in context, the iPhone X was launched in India and the US on the same day. Well it was announced at the same event at the Steve Jobs Theater, but availability was on the same day. And that’s a big deal. Introducing the latest iPhone If you’ve been following Apple iPhone announcements, you’d know the peculiar


Apple said it will issue a fix in an upcoming software update.

After admitting that the iPhone X can temporarily lose touch functionality in cold weather conditions, Apple is reportedly planning a software update to fix the issue.

“It appears the ‘coldgate’ problem with iPhone X was happening at temperatures close to zero degrees but still within the recommended temperature range,” 9to5Mac reported late.

Some iPhone X users had complained last week about their phone screen not working in cold temperatures. “In certain conditions, the iPhone X will temporarily be unable to respond to user input if the temperature of the surrounding environment suddenly dropped,” the report quoted Apple as saying.

The iPhone maker said it will issue a fix in an upcoming software update as it does not appear to be an inherent hardware fault. The Cupertino-based giant has so far released several updates for iOS 11, including iOS 11.1. The company has not specified an exact time-frame for the “coldgate” bug-fix but it is most likely to be rolled into iOS 11.2.

iOS 11.2 update is currently being tested in beta programme and will be the first major update to bring a new feature named Apple “Pay Cash”.