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Apple fixes FaceTime bug, new iOS 12.1.4 update available; big bounty for teenager founding bug

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Apple has fixed the FaceTime privacy bug after it was found that users could secretly listen to people they called via FaceTime even if the recipient did not accept the call. The company has released an iOS and macOS update, which fixes the bug. The new iOS 12.1.4 update is now available on iPhones from 5s and later, iPad Air and later as well as iPod Touch sixth generation.

Now all iOS users have to install the security update on their phone, given that it fixes a major privacy flaw in the FaceTime app from Apple.

Apple has also rolled out macOS update 10.14.3 as well since the bug was also present on FaceTime on macOS Mojave. Reportedly, an update for the Shortcuts app on iOS is available. Moreover, Apple s Continuity feature allows users to take FaceTime and regular audio calls on their iPhone on the Mac as well.

Apple announces reward to teenager for fixing the bug

Meanwhile, Apple has decided to pay the teenager who found the FaceTime Bug. According to a report in The Verge, Apple has decided to compensate Grant Thompson, the boy who discovered the bug. Thompson had found a bug that could briefly eavesdrop on recipients to a group FaceTime call.

However, the company has not revealed the exact amount to be given to Thompson but it is believed to include money to help pay for his education.

The teenager discovered the problem when using FaceTime to talk about strategies for the Fortnite game with friends.

Reportedly the reward comes as one security researcher refused to tell Apple about a bug in MacOS because no bounty was on offer. According to a BBC report, currently, Apple only pays for bugs found in the iOS operating system for phones.