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Apple To Discontinue iPhone X and iPhone SE Soon: Analysts

Apple will stop making iPhone X and iPhone SE very soon. Well. that’s what multiple media reports, quoting analysts have suggested.

The report by a US-based market research firm BlueFin points out that Apple will discontinue iPhone X and iPhone SE later this year, Barron’s reported. What’s the reason for that? Apple will switch its focus to the upcoming 2018 range of iPhones that are likely to be announced in September.

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The report also adds that Apple has reduced the production of iPhone SE and iPhone X models from 20 million units to eight million units recently.

"Despite angst surrounding the 2018 September releases, one common thread we continually uncover is the lack of concern for overall demand for 2018-2019." - BlueFin Researchers

The analysts claims that Apple is planning to manufacture 91 million units that includes the three new models, iPhone 9,11 and 11 Plus.

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The iPhone 11 Plus should satisfy those unhappy with the iPhone X due to size concerns, while the iPhone 9 device should satisfy more budget-conscious buyers and the aforementioned extension of the iPhone 8 models is expected to continue to cater low-end markets.

The report also said that this time Apple is going for the juggernaut with three new iPhone models. The Cupertino-based giant is expected to make 28 million units of iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus in Q3 2018, 64 million units in Q4 2018, 46 million units in Q1 2019, and 46 million units in Q2 2019, the report highlights.

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Whatever be the reason, Apple discontinuing iPhone X won’t come as a surprise to us. After all, this was a tenth anniversary edition model, that set to showcase the next decade of smartphones.

iPhone SE on the other hand, could give way to another variant of the SE which is rumoured to borrow its design style from the iPhone X but will be cheaper than the other iPhone variants. This news won’t go down well with iPhone X users but that’s how it is going to be this year.

(With inputs from Barron’s.)

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