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Apple bans app in possible new wave of 'blacklisting content that firm doesn't like'

Washington, Apr 11 (ANI): Tech giant Apple has banned app that helps users find other apps for free from its mobile store in a move, which according to some, heralds a new round of blacklisting for content the company doesn't like.

Apple said the app, created in 2008, was pulled for violating a pair of its developer guidelines.

One that bars displaying apps for purchase "in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store" and another that bans push notifications that contain advertising or "marketing of any kind," CNN reports.

AppGratis, which partners with app developers as a sort of clearinghouse to help them get noticed, was first informed on Friday that it was being pulled, according to CEO Simon Dawlat.

The app disappeared from the App Store on Sunday, the report said.

Sources familiar with the matter said that Apple thinks the app 'threatens the legitimacy of the App Store' by letting developers pay their way to a high ranking, AllThingsD reported.

Dawlat said that Apple had approved an iPad version of the app, which has roughly 12 million iOS users, just a week before the apps were banned. (ANI)