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Amul declares war against Parle, ITC, Britannia over ‘real butter’ cookies

Prachi Gupta
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In a marketing move with the onus on consumers, iconic dairy brand Amul has launched an open war against butter cookie makers Britannia, Parle and ITC, calling them out for low butter content in the cookies. Roping in customers as its advertisers, Amul co-operative has launched a campaign called AmulButterCookie Challenge, asking the consumers to post pictures of the butter content in the cookies of popular products from major FMCG rivals like Parle, ITC and Britannia, who have an established market in the space. Comparatively, Amul is a newer entrant in the cookie segment, having debuted just three months ago.

Amul has accused other cookie makers of using vegetable oil in their products while the butter content in itself is negligible. In a Twitter post, Amul said that while other butter cookies contain only 0.3%-3% of butter, the majority content is vegetable oil with 20-22% presence. On the other hand, Amul uses 25% Amul butter and has zero vegetable oil content, the company said. Meanwhile, many Twitter users took the challenge and posted pictures of butter content in cookies finding themselves surprised over low butter content.

Amul’s cookies are costlierHowever, while Amul is delivering more butter content in its cookies, it is also charging more per gram. Amul retails its butter cookies for Rs 10 per 40 gms pack, while the rival brands are offering their products at competitive pricing. In fact, Amul’s cookies are almost double the price of other popular brands. Take for example, Britannia’s ‘Good Day’ butter cookies are available for Rs 5 for a 39-gram pack; Parle sells its 20-20 butter cookies at Rs 20 for a 150-gram pack; ITC’s Mom's ‘Magic’ retails for Rs 10 for a 60 gms pack and Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali biscuits sell for Rs 10 for 100 gms packet. Amul launched six variants of its butter cookies three months back. The product is only available in the Gujarat market for now.