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Amid Border Tension; Measures Taken To Put Import Curb On 371 Chinese Items

Roshni Agarwal

The ministry of commerce amid India-China stand-off in Ladakh is speeding up ways to cut down on imports from China. And on the same line is considering tighter restriction on import of a total of 371 items from China including plastic goods, toys, sport goods, furniture etc. worth $127 billion. The list also includes apparel, electronic items, drugs, consumer durables among other items.

The findings are soon to be put before the prime minister's office. "A large chunk of these originate in China and for those goods, we will pursue import substitution," a senior official said.

The process shall be materialized by incentivizing domestic manufacturing, laying guidelines on product standards and also by discussing work with stakeholders on sourcing from a broader list of nations.

In the current times, the ministry is not considering the idea of tariff hike on Chinese goods as the same may put a dent on domestic manufacturing. Nonetheless as an alternate plan there is a deliberation on increasing duty on top 100 imports from China.

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