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Amazon pumps Rs 2,563 crore into its two India entities

FE Bureau
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Amazon has pumped Rs2,563 crore into its two India entities - Amazon Seller Services and Data Services - according to the company's RoC filings sourced from business signals platform While Amazon Seller Services received a fresh Rs2,208 crore in capital, the Seattle-based e-commerce major infused Rs355 crore in its India data services arm, the documents showed.

The fresh funding comes nearly a month after Amazon infused an aggregate amount of Rs1,715 crore in Amazon Pay (Rs1,355 crore) and Amazon wholesale (Rs360 crore), the documents showed. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who was on a visit to India last month, announced an additional $1 billion of investment in the country taking the company's total India investment commitment to $6 billion. Amazon also said it plans to create 1 million new jobs in the country by 2025 through continued investments in technology, infrastructure and logistics network. The new jobs will add up to the 700,000 jobs the firm has created in India over the last six years.

Amazon Seller Services, the marketplace entity of Amazon India, received Rs3,400 crore from its US parent in October 2019. In June last year, Amazon injected Rs2,800 crore in the company. The e-commerce major infused about Rs7,250 crore in its India marketplace in three tranches in 2018.