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Alien Spotted in Space? NASA Astronaut Claims He Saw an ET-Like Creature on Space Shuttle, Experts Dismissed It As Piece of Ice!

Riddhi Jadhav
The new research states that aliens may have existed beneath the surface of the red planet, as the chemical composition of microbes underneath facilitate their survival.

The National Aeronautical Space Agency (NASA) has been continuously driving researches to fins any vague possibility of life other than the earth. The search for extra-terrestrials, be it in the past or likely to find in future is on. Meanwhile, a NASA astronaut has claimed that he did spot an 'organic, alien-like' creature on the Space Shuttle Atlantis. When an astronaut makes such a revelation it is bound to create an interest among the other enthusiasts. But the space agency dismissed his claims and said it could be most likely pieces of ice that broke off from the shuttle. Mysterious Alien Signals from Across the Universe Picked Up from a New Radio Telescope in Canada.

NASA engineer Leland Melvin made his claims while discussing with a conspiracy theorist. He said that he spotted an alien-like creature in the payload bay of Atlantis, while it was in the orbit above the Earth. Not wanting to miss out on anything, he informed NASA members. The experts from the agency said that it was most likely an ice that broke away from the shuttle and the floating movement of it might have caught his eye. The revelation came up on Twitter and the other person also asked the astronaut about UFOs and had he ever witnessed one. And talking about NASA's explanation he said 'it was a cover-up and you never know!' Russian Time-Traveller Claims He Met Aliens and Spoke to Them About the Earth, See Video to Know What Extraterrestrials Think of Us! 

Take a look at the conversation between the astronaut Leland and other person:

It is not very sure if that was a piece of ice or an actual evidence of alien life. But Nigel Watson spoke to DailyMail and was quoted, "I think Leland is winding up alien fans, and as suggested it was probably an ice formation he saw. Fortunately, he didn't test this explanation by going too close to it, otherwise it might have shot upwards to cling to his face and we all know what happens next." What do you think, could it be an alien or was it Leland's imagination?