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Airtel V-Fiber now third fastest broadband in India as per Netflix, JioFiber sits at fourth spot

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Airtel V-Fiber now third fastest broadband in India as per Netflix, JioFiber sits at fourth spot

The home broadband segment in India has witnessed a major shakedown with the launch of the Reliance JioFiber. With affordable prices for high-speed broadband services, JioFiber is expected to penetrate deep into the Indian market similar to the telecom services. However, at the same time, rival Airtel also reworked on its home broadband solution with the Xstream branded services. Airtel already has a massive presence in the Indian market with its broadband service and it seems that the brand's efforts at reinforcing its service have worked.

Netflix has released its ISP Speed Index for the month of August 2019 and as a surprise, Airtel has managed to scale up the list in terms of position. In fact, Airtel broadband sits at the third spot with average speeds of 3.21Mbps. But that doesn't mean the services have improved. The average speeds have dropped down to 3.21 Mbps from last month's 3.40Mbps. That's a massive drop. However, it's still lesser when compared to JioFiber's drop.

JioFiber had been leading the list earlier this year but slowly started dropping down over the course of months. And now, in august 2019, JioFiber dropped down to the fourth spot with average speeds of 3.17Mbps. That's much lower than the previous monthly average speed of 3.50Mbps. while JioFiber's massive expansion can be taken into account for this, the performance drop is still massive by every standard.

On the other hand, local operators like Spectranet and 7-Star Digital have also witnessed a massive drop in speeds but their average speeds have been higher than the others.

It's surprising to see to the massive drop in the network speeds, especially or JioFiber subscribers. Jio will make use of its fiber service to host its multimedia services and once that's launched, the network could go through even more traffic which could lead to lower average speeds. Do note that these speeds are only recorded by Netflix for those subscribers streaming content from its services and there are chances that this data may not represent the exact performances. But it still gives us a rough idea about the average speeds.

Airtel has just released it high-speed 1Gbps broadband service called the Xstream Fiber service starting at Rs 3,999 per month. And chances are that the list for September could show even better results for Airtel broadband.