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Airtel offers life insurance in tie-up with HDFC Life: Are you eligible?

Sunil Dhawan
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The process of buying life insurance is slowly getting much easier and simple. With digital channels spreading their reach, more and more people are bound to get the benefit out of them. Airtel and HDFC Life Insurance have joined hands to offer life insurance to the eligible subscribers of mobile services. While Airtel will be the facilitator of this offer, HDFC Life will provide the life insurance coverage.

Here are 10 things you need to know before you jump on to get it:

1. Only pre-paid subscribers of Airtel are eligible and not the post-paid users. Also, the pre-paid subscribes need to be between 18 and 54 years of age and they need to give a declaration that they are in good health.

2. A complementary monthly life insurance cover of Rs 4 lakh will be provided by HDFC life insurance to the subscriber. The coverage will be a term insurance plan, with no maturity value.

3. To get the complementary life insurance cover, the pre-paid user cannot recharge with any amount but has to recharge with a specified STV, which is a ‘Special Tariff Voucher’, specified by Airtel.

4. The STV (Special Tariff Voucher) is for Rs 249 and it comes with Unlimited Calling + 2GB data per day + 100 SMS per day and a validity 28 days. Recharging with this amount of STV, the subscriber gets a complimentary term life insurance.

5. Being a group insurance policy, the master policy will be kept with the insurer, while the subscriber will get a ‘COI i.e. a Certificate of Insurance issued by the Insurer to the Scheme Member on the mobile.

6. Unlike an individual life insurance policy, which is applicable across the world, this insurance coverage will be valid only in India or in the geographies within India.

7. This offer will be available only till the time one continues to be an Airtel Subscriber subscribing to the specified STV and recharging it every month on or before the expiry of the validity period.

8. To join, one may use any of the following three options provided below.
a) Recharge with the STV.
b) Using the Airtel Thanks App for the recharge with the STV.
c) By visiting any Airtel retailer and purchase the STV.

9. Even if one holds more than one Airtel pre-paid connections, the maximum Insurance cover will be restricted to Rs 4 lakh.

10. Before joining, read the terms and condition carefully especially about the declaration of good health.


Remember, it is a group insurance cover and the premium towards it is not to be paid directly by the pre-paid subscriber. The cost-benefit of the STV will take care of the premium. And, even though the sum assured is restricted to Rs 4 lakh, it is not an amount that much of the population will have coverage for. Data shows about 4 per cent of the population has a life cover in some form or the other. As a thumb rule, one should have life cover of at least ten times of one’s annual net income. This initiative of Airtel and HDFC Life will help supplement coverage to those who have some insurance and simultaneously provide a paperless and seamless manner to those who may still not have any life insurance cover.