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Airtel is giving cashback of Rs 1,000 on purchase of 4G Hotspot device, offer eligible only for postpaid users

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Airtel is giving cashback of Rs 1,000 on purchase of 4G Hotspot device, offer eligible only for postpaid users

Airtel is offering a cashback offer of Rs 1,000 on its 4G Hotspot device for new subscribers. The offer stands only for postpaid subscribers.

Airtel is quite aggressive with its pricing for its telecom as well as the broadband services. We have seen the company either reducing prices or clubbing more benefits than before to appeal to new subscribers as well as retain existing subscribers. While these efforts are not showing promising results in terms of numbers of subscribers gained per month, Airtel is not giving up and is now extending new benefits for its 4G Hotspot service.

According to a report from Telecom Talk, Airtel is now offering a lucrative offer to draw more subscribers to its 4G Hotspot service. The operator is now offering a cashback of Rs 1,000 for new subscribers of 4G Hotspot. However, the offer is only applicable for postpaid subscribers who will get the cashback to be used only in future bill payments.

In order to avail the offer, subscribers will need to purchase the 4G Hotspot device worth Rs 2,000. This device was initially selling for Rs 999 but Airtel has now increased the price of the device. The data card is manufactured by Huawei. Once the buyer buys the device, Airtel will offer two 4G Hotspot plans - one costs Rs 399 that offer 50GB data per month whereas the other plan costs Rs 499 that offers 75GB data per month.

Once the subscriber selects the plan, an activation fee of Rs 300 has to be paid in order to get the service up and running. After this, Airtel will credit the cashback of Rs 1,000 to the subscriber's account that can be used to pay bills in the future. Do note that these plans are postpaid plans.

While Airtel aims to get some subscribers with the cashback offer, it is still more costly than what you get from Jio's JioFi service. Instead of a single device, Jio offers multiple devices across various price ranges, with the basic one starting at Rs 999. Unlike Airtel's network, Jio's network relies on 4G LTE and it comes with a plethora of data plans in both prepaid and postpaid. A subscriber can go for a recharge plan as low as Rs 98 as well as get the unlimited plans across various price points.