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This air purifier comes with temperature control to give you cool air in summers

Nandagopal Rajan

Cold winter morning, cool wind in my hair. While it may sound like a parody on Hotel California, this is what happens when you have an air purifier running in winter months. Dyson, however, seems to have found a solution: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool. The name is self-explanatory. Yes, this is an air purifier with temperature control.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool looks like the earlier versions of Dyson s air purifiers, with two differences. One, this has a shorter tower than the earlier versions. Two, this base of the tower, along with 360-degree swivel, lets it change the angle to blow air up or down. So if you want, the hot air can be directed only at your feet. Pure bliss.

The air purification capabilities of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool are similar to its easier models. Dyson looks at air purification very differently from its competitors and throws air all around a room to ensure you have similar air quality across and not in certain pockets alone.

Since the air purifiers were a natural progression for Dyson from its popular bladeless fan segment, they also tended to be a bit more fan-like in their dispensation. I remember testing the Dyson Pure Cool Tower Air Purifier in early winter and the draft was cold. Dyson seems to have realised that this was both a problem and an opportunity. So the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool comes with temperature control so that you can get cool air in the summers and hot air in the winters.

The remote lets you adjust the temperature and the hot air starts flowing right away. With Delhi wet after a spot of unseasonal rains, I had the device set at 30-degree Celsius. Within a few minutes, the room too was balmy and you did not have to be in front of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool to feel warm.
You can set the temperature between 1- and 37-degrees. The LED panel lets you see where the AQI is as well as the room temperature. When you adjust the temperature you can see where the room temperature is. As soon as you set the desired temperature above the room temperature, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool starts working overtime to achieve it.

The mobile app lets you keep a tab on all aspects of the air purifiers and make changes from wherever you are. Also, since it gives the context of the air outside, you can constantly be reminded that you have made a good investment. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is like a quick draw gun and reacts to a change in the environment in a split second. And this could be fumes from the kitchen or someone using deodorant in the room. It uses two filters along with the powerful Dyson motor to clean the air in the room in a few minutes. In fact, I found the auto mode very convenient as it ensures clean air as well as the desired temperature level without constant adjusting. This mode is also more silent than when you set things up on your own.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is a good device to have in your home, especially if you are in a place like Delhi where the temperatures can be a bit extreme at both ends. Also, I noticed that with the heating or cooling on, you will tend to use the air purifier much more than you would without these add ons. That s what happens when you add convenience to necessity.

Estimated street price: Rs 52,900