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Air India flight ticket: How do I web check-in on Air India website? Know about boarding pass, PNR, seats

Debjit Sinha
air india WEB CHECK-IN

Air India flight web check-in: Summer vacations are here and demand for flight tickets is high. Gone are the days when you had to arrive at the airport several hours in advance and stand in long queues to check-in. All airlines offer an easy web check-in, which is specially convient for flyers with only hand baggage. If you have booked an Air India flight ticket and are wondering about how to do online/web check-in, get boarding pass, seat check, and PNR number, we answer some of your queries:

How do I web check-in on Air India?

Web Check-in is a facility that allows fliers to select their seats and download and print boarding pass in Air India flights based on their convenience. This process helps passengers skip queues at the airport. All you need to do is to visit Air India website-

Once you visit the page, you will find two options – “E-ticket number/Booking reference” or “Frequent Flyer Card Number”. Select the “E-ticket number/Booking reference” option. After that, you need to enter your electronic ticket number or booking reference. Fliers boarding domestic flights will be provided with boarding passes. Once you get the boarding pass, you must take a print out. If you are traveling with handbag only, you can directly go to the security check at airports. However, if you have check-in baggage, you must reach check-in closure at airports in advance. For travelers on international flights, a confirmation slip is issued.

How many hours before can you check in Air India?

Fliers can avail web check-in facility starting 48 hours in advance and up to 2 hours prior to the flight departure time. Maximum of nine passengers booked in single PNR can check in at the same time.

Does Air India require boarding pass?

Air India does provide a boarding pass. For physical check-in at counters at airports, one can get the boarding pass from the same counters. For web check-in, boarding pass normally sent within 15 minutes via e-mail and it can be printed.

How can I check my seat in Air India?

You can check as well as book your preferred seat in Air India flights. Preferred seat selection facility is available at Air India Booking office and Contact Center. For economy class passengers, you can select Window, Middle, Aisle seats in the Front and Middle zone of the flight. There are paid seats also which can be booked by Booking Reference.

What is PNR number in Air India ticket?

PNR number in Air India flight ticket is Passenger Name Record. If you want to access to details of your Air India flight, you need to enter this number. Air India issues this number at the time of booking.