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AI, chatbot usage by customer service teams set to rise

FE Bureau

Technology is redefining customer standards and making service a strategic asset. The biggest challenge for Indian businesses is keeping up with changing consumer expectations. According to Salesforce 2019 State of Service report, in India, 93% of decision makers say their company s customer service must transform in order to stay competitive. Improving service technologies is a top priority for these decision makers followed by upgrading workforce skills and lastly revamping processes and workflows.

The Salesforce report captures insights and trends from service agents and decision makers worldwide to determine their biggest challenges and priorities, the changing role of customer service agents, the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the future of customer service and how mobile workers fit into modern customer service.

The service agent of today is increasingly tasked with building relationships and driving revenue. As many as 89% of agents in India said their roles are more strategic than two years ago and executives increasingly understand that customer service transformation requires an investment of time, talent, and resources. Again, 85% of Indian decision makers are making significant investments in agent training and 94% of service agents in India say they have a clear path for career growth at their job.

AI is seen by decision makers and agents alike as a strategic advantage to customer and employee experience. AI adoption is nascent, but is set to soar as more teams turn to chatbots, text and voice analytics, and other use cases. In India, the use of AI and Chatbots by customer service teams is projected to increase by 90% and 118% respectively, over the next 18 months.