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Aero India 2019: 100 vehicles gutted in parking lot fire

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fire at air show, aero india 2019

On Saturday, smoke quickly ballooned near the Yelahanka air base where the prestigious Aero Show 2019 in Bengaluru is underway.

According to report by The News Minute, the police say that fire in the dried grass spread to the parking lot number 5 where vehicles parked caught fire.

Visuals which are now emerging show at least dozens of cars burning in fire. At present, the number has risen to 100 cars which were charred in the fire.

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Fire engines along with an ambulance rushed to the spot to douse the raging fire, however the question arises why no fire engine was on standby near the parking lot of an event such as this. The cause of the fire is not clear yet. The parking area is situated just a few miles away from the venue of the air show.

At first, the smoke led many to believe that garbage was being burnt but when the smoke plume rose higher and higher and drew the attention.

The area has now been cordoned off and police officials have also reached the area for an investigation. Saturday is the second last day of the Aero India 2019 air show which commenced on February 20.

This incident comes days after an accident involving two airborne Surya Kiran planes colliding in which one pilot, Wing Commander Sahil Gandhi was killed.

fire at air show, aero india 2019