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The Advent of DeFi Cross-Chain Platform and presale

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The advent of blockchain has disrupted almost all industries including investment and finance.

Consider, a decade ago, when the investments were only through centralized financial institutions that charge unfair processing fees. Those financial firms were money minded and never thought of making investment affordable to everyone. Their idea made a wave of thoughts that investment in luxury and is the business of the elite community, where ordinary people could play no role. At that time, the introduction of cryptocurrency was a great breakthrough that eliminated the third parties or intermediaries associated with investment processes. Peer-to-Peer is the new normal in financial systems.

Putting your crypto in (YFIN) offers a whole new level of financial independence that the other means fail to do. Locking up your money in banks may limit your access to it since the banks are governed by a centralized authority. According to them, with (YFIN), your assets are yours only and you can enjoy complete control over the investments.

You do not have to pay exorbitant fees that are associated with traditional investment systems. In the long run, (YFIN) is a truly open, decentralized finance system that allows people to lend, earn, stake and farm cryptocurrency.

Crypto lending and farming are the hottest topic in the crypto world and this never fails to provide liquidity. This lending of crypto has opened up opportunities for both small and big crypto players. In layman’s terms, crypto lending is a simple concept where borrowers are able to use their crypto as collateral to obtain a fiat loan, while lenders can provide the assets required for the loan for the best rates on comparing in the (YFIN) platform. (YFIN) Defi platform enables you to lend your crypto which proves to be fruitful.

“Why keep your assets idle when you can put them to work in (YFIN)?” (YFIN) platform

Lending through (YFIN) is an easy way to earn passive income on your assets without needing to involve in trade. You can select coins that you are willing to lend to others and you can also charge some rates to the borrowers.

Connect on the go

The platform is easy to use with the best in the class user interface. You need not be a geek or nerd to lend your crypto through (YFIN), as the platform is well navigated. The application allows you to lend your assets in no time unmindful of where you are.

Compare the rates

You have plenty of rates to choose from. Compare the packages and make the most out of your crypto. Interest rates start from 8% and you can earn a maximum of 100%. There are no restrictions on your withdrawal.

Control your assets (YFIN) is a decentralized platform that is not controlled by a centralized authority. There are no third party payment processors or intermediaries who have access to your assets. You can enjoy the complete rights over your assets.

How important is lending in the market?

In crypto lending, the money is reallocated to a person with a use case from those who have no immediate need for their assets. Through (YFIN), the borrowers get easy access to funds and the lenders can put their assets to work.

Years ago, trading and holding were the only options left for the crypto players. When you are holding crypto, your assets have no other function other than being idle in the wallets. There were discussions that holding assets could enhance the value of them by creating a demand in the market. However, that was not a productive use of capital. With (YFIN), the utilization of these assets is increased. Thus (YFIN) proves to deliver a substantial improvement for the crypto holders and investors. (YFIN)Presale

In order to have an outstanding platform, they have opened an opportunity for early investors and supporters to participate in their token presale.


Participate In The YFIN TOKEN Presale:

  1. Visit YFIEearn Presale Page price: 1 ETH = 200 YFIN

  1. Register with your email

Confirm your email

Send Funds to any of the addresses provided on the website


400,000 YFIN will be distributed

You get 5% for every referral you bring (Get referral link on the website after you register)

10% Bonus for the first 50 Participant

YFIN token will be listed on Uniswap after presale and Uniswap Listing Price will start at $5!

Useful Links:

Website: Visit Website (

Participate: Visit Website (

Twitter: Visit Twitter (

A DeFi crosschain platform that connect multiple blockchains such as Binance Chain, Tron Chain and Ethereum on YFIEARN

TOKEN DELIVERY (YFIN), token will be distributed to the address from which you contribute (within 2hrs of purchase).


Send ETH only from personal wallets (MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Ledger, Trust, ImToken, etc.) Do not send from exchanges!

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