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Addicted to Caffeine: Tips To Save You Money and the Planet

Sahmi Chowdhury
·3-min read
Addicted to Caffeine: Tips To Save You Money and the Planet
Addicted to Caffeine: Tips To Save You Money and the Planet

As coffee culture expands and grows in India, consumers have been rushing to big cafes like Starbucks, Barista, and Cafe Coffee Day. While cafe's create social atmospheres for people to meet up and do work, this often results in an expensive habit of going to cafes to get your caffeine fix.

For instance, an Americano from Cafe Coffee Day costs approximately Rs. 142, which ultimately leads to Rs. 51,830 per year if consumed daily. Not to mention that's 365 disposable cups being used if you do not purchase a reusable mug. Although it may seem convenient to go to your local coffee shop and grab a drink, there may be more economical and environmental alternatives.

Coffee Machines At Home Save Money

Coffee pods are great alternatives that allow you to save money and help the environment. By reusing your coffee mug at home and having a coffee machine you are investing in one machine that will continue to give you coffee with pods. The pods are less expensive and reusing your mug is much more economical than purchasing cups at a coffee shop. For instance, one of the cheapest machines by Nespresso currently sells for Rs. 30,160. In addition to this, Nespresso mixed variety pods that contain 40 pods cost Rs. 3,400 (approximately Rs. 30,600 for daily consumption).

Graph showing Prices of Americano
Graph showing Prices of Americano

This is a great value, especially if you compare that to the Rs. 51,830 you may be spending per year from coffee shops. The first year the cost of making coffee will be amount to Rs. 60,760, which is higher than the Rs. 51,830 spent at coffee shops, but from the second year onwards you are only purchasing pods at Rs. 30,600 per year because you have already purchased the machine. You will break even and be saving money within the second year and the savings keep increasing the longer you have the machine. Take a look at even cheaper machines below:

Cheap Coffee Machine Alternatives

Table showing Coffee Machine Alternatives
Table showing Coffee Machine Alternatives

Fewer Cups Help the Environment

By using fewer cups we are creating less waste, which makes for a better and cleaner India. Keeping a machine at home allows you to reuse your coffee mugs at home every day. To be as environmentally friendly as possible, we recommend looking at companies that sell biodegradable coffee pods or pods that you can fill in and reuse. Check out the following companies:

List of Cafes
List of Cafes

By purchasing less cups, using compostable and biodegradable coffee pods, and using your own energy sources to produce the coffee, you will be helping the environment and working towards building a greener future.

Stay Economically and Environmentally Aware

It is never easy to switch from purchasing coffee from a coffee shop to making a cup at home. That being said, by gradually transitioning it will be helpful for you and the planet. You are going to be saving thousands of rupees per year and can feel better knowing that your carbon footprint is being reduced. To save further, you can always use a credit card that can give you additional cashback or rewards on Amazon or retail spending.

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