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‘Account debited but cash not dispensed’: This accounts for 60% of ATM related complaints to RBI

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Ever faced a situation where bank account gets debited but ATM fails to dispense cash? If the answer is in the affirmative, you maybe interested to know that such kind of instances account for a major sub-category of the ATM related complaints received by the RBI.

Account debited but cash not dispensed by ATMs accounted for about 60 per cent of the total number of ATM and debit cards grievances, said the RBI report on Banking Ombudsman (BO) scheme. In total, there were 24,672 such complaints registered with the central bank.

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The ATM and debit card complaints comprised over 15 per cent of the total complaints made to the RBI, the report said. It accounts to a rise of 50 per cent over last year. The major grounds of complaints received during the year were non-observance of fair practices code (22.1%), ATM and debit card issues (15.1%), credit card issues (7.7%), failure to meet commitments (6.8%), mobile and electronic banking (5.2%), the report said.

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In FY18, the 21 offices of the BO received 1,63,590 complaints marking a surge of nearly 25 per cent as against the last year. The two office situated in New Delhi received the maximum number of complaints at 35,737.

Complaints received on grounds such as problems relating to pension, levy of charges without notice, loans and advances, remittance, DSA and recovery agents and mis-selling each accounted for 5 per cent or less of the total complaints received, the RBI added.

The central bank also said that over 65 per cent of the complaints were resolved by agreement through mediation.