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Virgin chief Richard Branson wins control of .xxx domain name

London, Feb 24(ANI): English business magnate and Virgin chief Richard Branson has won the control of the porn website address that was created in 2010 as a home for pornography and other adult-oriented websites.

Branson had earlier filed a case before the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), a US-based adjudication body against .xxx website creator Sean Truman, which ruled that the domain name had been registered "in bad faith".

"Registering and holding a .xxx domain name identical to (Sir Richard's) mark without having any rights or interests therein is evidence of bad faith registration and use," quoted the ruling, as saying

During the hearing, Truman said he was not involved in the sex or porn industry and insisted the .xxx address served as a "parking page with links to adult entertainment related websites".

He said he had made no money from the web address and had registered it as "souvenir" because he admired Branson. (ANI)