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7 wonders of world in Delhi! New ‘Waste to Wonder’ Park opens in Delhi; 10 cool facts

Nikita Prasad
Rajnath Singh

Delhi’s latest tourist attraction embraces the seven wonders of the world! The Waste to Wonder Park’ featuring the replicas of seven iconic edifices from across the world has been opened for the public in the national capital. The park has been inaugurated in Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van by Home Minister Rajnath Singh with Anil Baijal, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. The theme park has sculptures of the seven wonders of the world made of industrial and other kinds of waste. The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), the governing body behind the construction of this park, has harnessed wind and solar power to light up the Wonders of the World Park, which is essentially a waste-to art project. Here is everything you need to know about the waste to wonder park that has opened in Delhi:

1. Seven wonders of the world: The park has replicas of the seven wonders, namely, Taj Mahal, Great Pyramid of Giza, Eiffel Tower of Paris, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Christ the Redeemer Statue of Rio De Janeiro, Rome’s Colosseum and the Statue of Liberty of the United States of America.

2. Composition of sculptures: Around 150 tons of scrap, including 90 tons of industrial waste and waste automobile parts has been collected by SDMC and been put together for making these sculptures of the seven wonders of the world.

3. Appearance of the replicas: The replicas of these seven wonders made out of waste have been given a bright and finished look with old sodium lights installed within them, to highlight their features. This has created a breathtaking sight during evening and night hours, marking it as a captivating tourist spot.

4. Nearest Metro Station and Bus Terminal:
SDMC has built the park which is spread over a land of five acres at Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van. The nearest metro station to reach here is Hazrat Nizamuddin on the Pink Line of Delhi Metro. It is also near Sarai Kale Khan bus terminal in South-East Delhi.

5. Ticket price or entry fee for all age groups: According to Radha Krishnan, Public Relation Officer, SDMC who spoke to Financial Express Online, the ticket and entry fee for visiting the wonder park will be charged on the basis of age group of visitors. The ticket is free for the children below the age of three years and for senior citizens above the age of 65. Rs 25 is the entry fee for children between the age group of 3-12 years and for adults, the entry fee is Rs 50.

6. Free tickets for MCD school students: Krishnan added that the ticket is free of cost for the school students of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

7. People behind the construction: As many as five artists, seven supporting artists and 70 welders and helpers were involved in the completing all the stages of this project to make it a reality. It was conceived as an idea from a similar park in the city of Kota, Rajasthan, according to Dr Puneet Kumar Goel, Commissioner, SDMC who was quoted in a PTI report.

8. Green energy utilized by SDMC: SDMC has installed three windmills in the park of one kilo-watt (KW) each, three solar trees of five KW each and rooftop solar panels of ten KW. The entire park has been lit up solely through renewable energy.

9. Ticket counters: The online ticket booking facility for visiting the park is not available as of now. Visitors can buy tickets from the manual ticket counters at the entry of the park.

10. For the convenience of visitors, parking facility has also been developed near the park.