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7 features of password managers you probably didn't know

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If you use a password manager, no doubt you would've found it surprisingly easy to use. But to what extent do you know what its capabilities are? Here are some of the several features password managers offer. Bear in mind that not all managers have these built-in, but some like LastPass do.


Password managers can turn into full-fledged note keepers. You can edit, modify, tag, categorise, and even share with others regardless of the platform they use. These managers are perfect to store bank details as well. They will be encrypted and you can add passwords for individual notes. Most apps also offer an option to move the files without losing them.

Storing files

To the notes, you can attach images as well as documents. The feather in the cap though is that you can access these files on either your phone or on the desktop, provided the service has the option to avail these platforms. You can also opt for cloud storage, but be wary of the free space allotted and the charges applicable if you need extra storage space.

Autofill Forms

Be it on paper or online, filling forms can be a drag. Either you overlook things or are irritated enough to neglect them. But filling forms can also be automated. Usually, the browser is asked to remember details to add into the form but that's risky. Password managers can be used to enter generic details so that they can automatically fill in the forms online. Several browser extensions also offer this service.


Most managers have sort of a built-in web browser which is far more secure than your ordinary browser. This is like an extension to the autofill feature. You can erase your online footprints after browsing and leave no trace. The feature has most of the desktop browser utilities such as tabs and bookmarks.

Random password generator

If you're tired of setting new passwords every time and have run out of ideas, your password manager maybe capable of generating random passwords and of course, keeping track of them. In LastPass, for instance, you can specify lengths, set filters and instruct what characters to keep. LastPass can also generate passwords that make sense.

Security diagnosis

A cool feature of certain apps is to evaluate the strength of your password and gauge the effectiveness of security. Several parameters are used to measure the length, characters, frequency of usage, and so forth. They'll display your standings relative to other users.

Emergency contacts

You can set up emergency contacts so that in such an event, details will be shared to your contact(s). You can fiddle with the settings to specify a buffer period where you'll get a notification whenever someone wants to access your details. If the request is ignored, your details will get shared.

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