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What Is the 500 Million Dollar Webinar?


We live in an age of unprecedented economic uncertainty. According to Fortune magazine, the real unemployment numbers are reaching great depression levels. Small businesses are being forced to foreclose at no fault of their own and jobs that were stable for years, vanished, virtually overnight.

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Some people claim it’s the government's job to fix the economy while others say people need to take control of their personal finances and evolve with the times.

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the best-selling personal finance book of all time, and has been predicting a recession for years. He teaches that every economic tragedy comes with an equal sized opportunity. If you play your cards right, you will not only survive the recession, but thrive by emerging wealthier than you were when it started.

The challenge for most is finding a recession proof financial plan that the average person can follow in order to create an additional stream of income.

However, there are some who have cracked the code by learning to make money online.

Luke Hessler and Christian Jewkes have been digital entrepreneurs for almost a decade and claim that anyone can create an additional stream of income by making money online as long as you have the right mentors.

“Most people don’t know someone who’s a millionaire”, Luke Hessler states.

“If they do, that person is often hesitant to share their financial strategy in fear of competition. However, there are others who remember what it was like to have nothing and feel a sense of moral obligation to help others escape the prison of poverty.”

Christian Jewkes says, “the secret to success is finding people who have what you want and are willing to teach you how they got it. After that, you simply need to be coachable and willing to work.”

Hessler and Jewkes are passionate about helping people navigate these uncertain economic times, but don’t claim to be gurus.  They say they’re still learning but by applying the skills taught to them by their mentors, they’ve done tens of millions of dollars in online sales and haven’t had a job since they were teenagers.

In an attempt to help people navigate these turbulent economic times Jewkes and Hessler organized the “500 Million Dollar Webinar” where participants will be introduced to a group of digital entrepreneurs who were broke a decade ago, but have now done over $500,000,000 in online sales throughout a variety of industries.  The goal of this one time only webinar is to provide participants with a recession proof plan they can follow with less than 5 hours per week in order to create an additional stream of income online.

There’s no guarantee that the information covered in the 500 Million Dollar Webinar will be the information that changes your life, but one thing is for sure, those who refuse to change are in for rude awakening in years to come