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5 money lessons from Modi’s BIG election win

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The landslide victory of the BJP and that too despite five years of incumbency is simply amazing. Whatever be our individual political leanings, this remarkable feat needs to be admired as well as emulated. Persistent, hard work eventually pays great dividends is quite clear from what has happened. Prime Minister Modi’s five-year rule has been marked by a focused and determined work towards improving governance and making social benefits like access to toilets, electricity, bank accounts, cooking gas and direct transfer of subsidy to the bank accounts of the poor and needy in this country. Votes of these poor people have helped PM Modi and the BJP overcome a stronger, more united opposition as well as resistance from an established ecosystem which has been ruling India for a majority of the past seven decades.

Hard Work

Like everywhere else, hard work is the first mantra of success in money management also. Work on evaluating and researching investment ideas continuously and do not ignore the smallest details. Tiny details are like the votes of the poor people that add up and create a success wave.

Have a role model

Leading by example is another great reason for the success of PM Modi. He has marshalled his cabinet colleagues, party cadre and supporters into working overtime and with zeal and high spirits. His command over his party and the government is simply awesome. Having an inspiring leader is another big reason for the BJP s ride to victory. Having a good inspiration and a role model is another mantra for success in the money markets. Read about different iconic investors – their biographies and their investment philosophies and success stories.

Take ownership of your portfolio

Pride is a very strong and positive emotion. Pride in your work, family or country is a big motivator and helps you overcome hurdles and pains to achieve your goal. Restoring and augmenting national pride has been a great accomplishment of the Modi government. Take ownership of your portfolio and have pride in its success. That will ensure that you work hard to make the returns look good.

Have a dedicated advisor

On top of all the initiatives, victory of the BJP would not have been possible without the brilliant marketing and execution of strategies by Amit Shah. A great learning is to always have a dedicated and super efficient advisor manage your portfolio. Without a meticulous execution even the best of ideas fail. Hence, be extremely careful and wise while selecting your investment advisor.

Keep emotions of greed & fear at bay

For achieving success, PM Modi has remained straightforward and honest throughout his career. He has been successful in resisting any temptation to enrich himself or his family members. Also, he is known to take chances and is not fearful of any adversary or outcomes. Successful investment managers also always keep their emotions of greed and fear at bay.

(By Ashish Kapur, CEO, Invest Shoppe India Ltd)