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5 Gadgets Guys Should Always Carry With Themselves

Gadgets are an integral part of our lives, and yes, I know it mostly revolves around our smartphones. Apart from smartphones, we indulge in day to day activities which requires more than just a phone. Be it your power bank or your smartwatch, these gadgets may not be as productive as your smartphone, it certainly isn’t possible to survive without them. Here are 5 Gadgets guys should always carry with themselves.


Personally, Music is a better companion than most of the humans. And when it comes to long commuting hours, a decent set of earphones jells really well with your phone.  I would recommend you Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2. In a reasonable price of INR 1,999, they give you a comfortable pair of in-ear buds, with amazing sound quality and powerful bass. Skullcandy’s Off-Axis technology provides unique angle for greater fit. The cable material is durable and the earphones come with one button remote and mic. It can be bought from all leading e-commerce websites. 

Fitness tracker


A fitness tracker or a smartwatch is a daily need these day. And it is always recommended to be wore whole day to track your daily fitness routine. A fitness tracker not only tracks your daily footsteps, but also analysis your rest time, sleeping and your weight training, if any. With plenty of choices, I personally believe Fitbit blaze ticks almost all the boxes. With PurePulse, the device provides continuous heart rate monitoring without any chest strap. With SmartTrack, you can track runs, cardio, cross-training, biking and more and record them for further reference. The company claims the Fitbit blaze can be operated continuously for 5 days on a single charging cycle. It’s a shame that device is not waterproof. Anyhow, you can buy it from Amazon for more or less 20,000 rupees.


Anyone who’s fond of reading, knows that a smartphone is not a good device to read on and books are too heavy to be carried around. Which leaves us to e-readers. Time and again we have established that a e-reader a device is worth carrying along.

With high resolution display and built-it adjustable backlight, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is every penny. The device weighs around 200 grams and comes with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. Built-in 4 GB storage is good enough to store thousands of books in Kindle Paperwhite, and battery can last for weeks. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is available at Amazon’s website at INR 10,999.

Power bank

Call it Battery pack, Power bank or as I call it, smartphones’ survival kit, a power bank is the most essential device in modern era. All modern-day gadgets demand high power supply to barely last a day and 20000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i, in only INR 1,499 can fulfill all your needs. With this powerbank you can charge your mainstream phone, the side phone and quite frankly your friend’s smartphone. The company promises 20000 mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 support and dual USB output. If we go by them, it has the capacity to charge iPhone 7 more than seven times. The power bank can be bought from


Charging cable

USB cables or charging cables out of the box are very delicate and you’re also likely lose them often. It never harms to have a spare to carry it yourself all the time. A wide range of charging cables are available in the market these days, varying in material, cable length and obviously type of the USB. It goes unsaid to go for the type of USB cable based on your smartphone.

SmartSmith USB 3.1 Type C Cable is my recommendation for a type C cable. Made from premium quality, nylon braided durable jacket, the cable certified by google and others. The cable supports Oneplus Dash Charging and provides safe and fast charging. The cable is one meter long and priced at INR 1,499. It can be bought at

Feel free to let us know if you feel that your favorite gadget should have made it to the list, in the comment section below.