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5 Best International Online Shopping Sites That Provide Free Shipping To India

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India is loaded with many shopping portals. It has made living so simple and easy that one can find everything on the site's catalog. But what happens when your favorite item is not available on an Indian sites? Well, you look for other International sites for shopping that ships their items to India with ease.

Finding difficult to hunt down the perfect International shopping site? This article will help you find a few of the best International Online Shopping Site. But if you worry about the product guarantee and other related things, let's first give you a clear picture of the International shopping site.

International Online Shopping Site

The International Shopping Site has recently gained great attention, all thanks to the Indian brand craze. Our Indian sites are very helpful in getting most of the products right at your doorstep. But there are a few things which our regional site does not give freedom to provide shipping. For instance, if you love a dress that's available only in Canadian online store and you want it in your home town, how will you get it? Well, this is what International Online Sites are for. They will help you to get your favorite things without having to spend huge from your pocket.

Benefits of International Shopping Site

The best part about International Sites is you are given the privilege to shop around the globe right from your living space. You can get many things that are trendy out there and flaunt to your friends too. You can easily get the brand at a much lower cost without having to spend loads of money in India.

The prices of a few products are comparatively much cheap than in International sites and one can also guarantee great products too. You get to witness so many new products that still have not carved its name in the hometown. Hence, this makes it best to shop in these International Sites.

Drawbacks of International Sites

Though it has many benefits, it also comes with little drawbacks. For instance, delivery can be a problem. It will take days or weeks to get your ordered product. Very few sites offer free delivery, but you still have to pay some initial amount, and that may include custom charges.

Keeping aside the drawbacks, let's take a look at some of the amazing International Shopping Sites. is the first and the best International site on our list. It has its base in the United States but delivers its finest products easily to India. You may have to pay shipping charges, but it's worth it to get your international product delivered right at your doorstep.


The next best site in China's AliExpress. It has so many amazing products ranging from toys to gadgets and also at a very low price. The best part about this site is the low shipping charges.


JCPenny is American Shopping Site in the Indian market, which has gained customers at a very rapid rate. It has men and women's apparels and one can find the best designer clothes too.


Macy's has been ruling the shopping site for a very long time, but only recently it started shipping to India. It is a very good and low priced site.


The best of all sites and is also very safe for shopping. It makes sure your money is only collected after your product reaches your doorstep.

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