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5 Best Accessories To Pamper Your Workdesk

People at work expect everything to flow smoothly and any interruptions to this segue of events leads to irritation and stress. Getting that Zen moment at work leads to greater efficiency and meeting project deadlines earlier than expected. Your work desk is where things have to fall in place so that you are comfortable. Hence here are five accessories that make your work desk that much more productive and clutter-free.

Logitech K400

Logitech k400

Starting off with your most important daily driver, the keyboard, this is the most used device in the majority of workplaces. Instead of having a mess with those pesky wires, stop for a moment and use the wireless Logitech K400. It is compact, beautiful and is the perfect accessory to replace those old fashioned keyboards. The advantage here is that it comes with a touchpad as well which comes with full gesture support. Weighing just 13.8 ounces, this is a portable keyboard that can be taken home and used to connect with the smart TV as well. With a battery life of up to 18 months on the included AA batteries, you are set on the path to fruitful work completion.


RAVPower 60W USB Charger

RAVPower 60W USB Charger

If you are the person that has many devices to charge over USB at work, then the RAVPower USB charger will fit onto your desk perfectly. You can charge up to six devices at once and each port provides up to 2.4A output which dynamically adjusts to the input device. So if you have an iPhone 7, it switches to 1A whereas if you connect a Samsung S7, it powers it at 2A. It is compact and portable as well, so you can carry it on your business trips as well. It comes in a fire resistant alloy shell that protects it from high temperature buildups. A nifty LED indicator shows whether it is connected to the power outlet or not.

Wacom Intuos Draw

Wacom Intuos Draw

Does your work involve creating several artistic presentations or are you a content creator who loves to draw? Or maybe you just want a bigger trackpad? For all these and more, the Wacom Intuos Draw comes into the picture as the best supplementary to your work station. It features a pressure sensitive surface that responds to the tip of the included pen, thereby giving artists that much more precision to carry out their work. The included pen does not require batteries and you can use your fingers on the surface to use it just like a touchpad as well. There are four programmable buttons on the top that can be set to a preset key combination like Ctrl+C for copy or even Ctrl+Z for Undo, which is very useful for applications like Photoshop. It connects via USB or wireless and is highly portable. Wacom includes ArtRage Lite, a drawing software along with tutorials to get a hang of the device. So, go ahead and plug, play and draw!

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer


Coffee, our daily shot of caffeine or multiple shots depending on the person, is the worker’s beverage solution to staying active all day long. A hot coffee does justice to that night shift you are pulling out to meet that priority deadline. But, you need it to be at just the right temperature at all times. Hence, here comes the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, a device that keeps your coffee warm at just the right temperature. It plugs into your wall socket and comes with a 60 inch power cable. With a 3.25 inch diameter for the usable base, it can support almost all types of coffee mugs. Do note that this is not intended to heat your coffee that has gone cold. It is used to keep it warm at all times.



There are many people out there who plug in their earphones/headphones and just go into wired mode during work where they are not to be disturbed by anything whatsoever (Think “Social Network” – movie). Then there are others who are just alerted constantly by those incessant WhatsApp groups thereby hindering their work. Of course, putting your phone on silent works but then what if the important notification comes up? So, WITTI Design came up with the Notti, a beautifully designed device that notifies you visually through its 16 million color LEDs built in. You can now customize each notification with a color so that you know instantly what the source is. So no more annoying Facebook notifications or spamming WhatsApp Group chats. It also functions as a mood lighting solution that can be useful to calm your mind during work. The Notti also pulses along with your music to provide a visual treat. You can use it as an alarm or a countdown timer as well. The Notti connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

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