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5 apps that are hot with millenials

Sudhir Chowdhary
technology, jobs

Millennials-those born between the 1981 and 1996-prefer mobile apps that have unique features and functionality. Another key factor that drives them to install an app is a recommendation from a friend. Given that this generation now accounts for a major share of India's consumer base, companies are bringing out millennials-centric apps that are not only feature-rich and easy-to-use, but also have a highly-interactive user interface. Sudhir Chowdhary picks five popular apps that are quite popular among millennials.


Confirmtkt's app predicts confirmation chances for waitlisted trains/passengers and suggests alternative travel options in case the ticket is not available/on the waitlist. Catering primarily to budget travellers using smartphones, the app leverages advanced neural networks to accurately predict the status on waitlisted tickets and suggests alternate travel options to them in case of unavailability of direct connecting trains. Confirmtkt is said to be the only platform in India that provides an alternate route option for train commuters. The app currently supports seven regional languages-Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam and Bengali.


Targeted at a young audience, Colive's app enables millennials to find affordable and fully-furnished accommodation near their workplaces. Colive properties come equipped with modern facilities such as Wi-Fi, professional housekeeping service, on-demand maintenance support, fitness and games room, and robust security system comprising 24×7 CCVT surveillance, facial recognition-based key management, and an emergency response team. Moreover, be it finding the right property or availing customer service, users can do everything via the Colive app.

India's second-largest job search platform, is the go-to app for millennial job seekers. The platform boasts of 300,000-plus live jobs, 14,000-plus recruiters and 3 crore-plus registered candidates. The app has a host of tech-backed features including advanced job search, resume builder, job alerts and company reviews, among others. Its proprietary AI-driven job-candidate matching process ensures that job seekers find the most suitable job based on their skills, experience and salary expectations.


Goalwise is a unique goal-based, set-and-forget investment platform that leverages data-driven algorithms to offer suitable mutual fund investment plans to its customers. As a fully managed goal-based investing platform, Goalwise facilitates mutual fund selection, risk profile analysis, yearly review and rebalancing of funds. Thanks to Goalwise's app, millennials can invest in plans that are tailored to their specific requirements, without having to do tedious research. Additionally, this app helps users with personal financial planning.


Zoomcar holds the distinction of being India's first self-drive mobility platform, with the introduction of car sharing services in 2013. It has over 14,000 cars in its fleet and operates in nearly 42 cities across India. With a strong focus on the mobile experience, Zoomcar allows users to rent cars by the hour, day, week, or month. In 2018, Zoomcar introduced India's first peer-to-peer based marketplace for cars with the launch of its shared subscription mobility model ZAP and currently commands over 90% market share in this space.