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4 Steps to Take to Get Ahead at Work

Sahmi Chowdhury
·5-min read
4 Steps to Take to Get Ahead at Work
4 Steps to Take to Get Ahead at Work

As a professional, you are expected to look for growth, and many track their progress by seeking promotions. It’s natural to aspire to a more challenging role and a higher salary. However, with intense competition at the workplace, these goals can be challenging to attain. It can also be difficult to get your manager on your side. Here are some tips that could help you position yourself to stand out from the crowd.

Acquire Programming Skills to Fill the Skills Shortage

India’s economy is growing rapidly, fueled by several government initiatives like “Start-up India” and “Make in India.” As the economy expands, there will be an increasing need for skilled manpower. According to the Hays Global Skills Index 2019/20 report, due to the shift towards a digital world, there will be an increase in opportunities for those who have programming knowledge.

Table showing Cost of Programming Courses
Table showing Cost of Programming Courses

It makes sense to upgrade your technical skills if you are interested in advancing your career out into a more technical role. One of the best ways to do that is to learn how to code. Many assume that this is both time-consuming and expensive. On the contrary, there are many free resources out there, and it’s possible to learn the basics in as little as a few months. Learning to code could give you the advantage you’re looking for by giving you the ability to automate some simple, repetitive tasks, thereby saving your team time and resources. It could also demonstrate to senior management that you’re open to acquiring new skills. There are several other benefits that could come your way. Three potential ways are that your salary could be increased, you could stand out from your peers, and you could be assigned higher quality work.

Learn How to Speak in Public

Have you heard the word glossophobia? If you’re glossophobic, it means you’re scared of speaking in public. The condition is fairly common. Statistically speaking, about 25% of people feel this way.

Public speaking skills are essential to get ahead in your career, whether you are dealing with clients or your colleagues. For example, you may need to make presentations to your team or participate in intra-company discussions. If you are looking to improve, public speaking courses may help. Here are some options that you could consider:

Table showing Cost of Public Speaking Courses
Table showing Cost of Public Speaking Courses

One way to overcome glossophobia is by taking the initiative to join and speak at a public forum. This allows you to practice an essential skill that can help you progress as a professional. For instance, salespeople who are poor communicators are at a disadvantage. This also includes those who are not capable of expressing their views in a coherent manner to their managers or peers. It is always a good idea to brush up on your public speaking skills. One of the best ways is to enroll in a public speaking course.

Work on Your Physical Fitness

Physical fitness can have many positive impacts on your career. If you’re healthy, you’re less likely to fall sick. This would typically result in less sick leave and greater productivity.But regular exercise can provide other work-related benefits, too. A recent study found that a 35-minute aerobic workout -- fast walking or running -- could lead to an increase in creativity and the ability to think more clearly. Even a short six-minute walk can help to boost your ability to generate new ideas.

But how can you get the exercise you need? The Mayo Clinic recommends that you try one of their 15-minute home workouts. If exercising alone at home is not your thing, you could join a gym. Gold’s Gym has multiple fitness centres across 23 Indian states. Membership rates vary by location. Here’s how much you need to pay in yearly fees:

Table showing Cost of Gym Membership
Table showing Cost of Gym Membership

These memberships are not cheap. One of the best ways for you to try and reduce the toll it takes on your bank account is by acquiring a great cashback credit card that offers rewards for your spending.

Make Friends within the Company

According to Harvard Business Review, having a “best friend” at work carries several benefits. You’re likely to be happier and healthier. Having a best friend could also make you seven times more likely than your colleagues to be engaged in your job. Additionally, it is always nice to have a friend nearby. Seeing as though we tend to spend most of our weekdays at work, it is a great place to make new friends that you enjoy spending time with.

Methods to Meet More People at Work

  • Introduce yourself to anybody you don’t know. Make an effort to learn their names.

  • Don’t eat lunch alone. There’s an entire book on this subject. It describes how building relationships can help you to succeed.

  • Maintain a positive attitude and don't gossip. A good rule to follow is to hold back from saying anything that you wouldn't to a person’s face.

If you’re a team leader, take your people out for a meal every once in a while. It helps build camaraderie and can boost morale.

Why Take These Steps?

It is important to improve and grow at work and by using the steps we have outlined in this article, we believe that successful growth to get ahead is achievable. By improving your skills you will stand out among your peers, which will enable you to get ahead and move forward to reaching your goals.

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