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3 of the world’s ten cheapest cities are in India; one is Delhi, check the other two

Prachi Gupta
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Wondering which cities are the cheapest to live in the world? You may be in for a surprise as three out of the cheapest ten global cities belong to India, which also includes the national capital Delhi, says a report. Other two are India s Silicon Valley Bangalore and auto hub Chennai, the Economist Intelligence Unit report revealed. Incidentally, Chennai and Bangalore are also among the ten global cities with the fastest growing economies, according to another report curated by Oxford Economics.

Cost of living in India

While Delhi and Bangalore are among the costliest cities to live in India, they seem quite reasonable when compared to global commercial hubs such as Paris and London.

The average cost of living in Delhi is a little less than Rs 25,000 per person (without rent), according to a global crowd-sourced information gathering site. The same site also states that the Chennai people spend about Rs 22,000 per month (exclusive of rent). The same for Bangalore is a few hundreds over Rs 24,000, according to the Numbeo data.

This is what you ll shell out, globally

Also in the list are Venezuela s capital Caracas, Syrian capital Damascus, Uzbekistan s Tashkent, Kazakhstan s Almaty, Pakistan s Karachi, Nigerian Lagos, and Argentina s Buenos Aires.

While people spend about Rs 22,000 in Caracas, a single person spends about Rs 31,000 in Buenos Aires. However, this is half of what the residents of the world s most expensive cities shell out in a month. According to the same report, Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong, Zurich, Geneva, Osaka, Seoul, Copenhagen, New York, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles are the most expensive cities in the world to live in. In fact, the Parisians can end up spending about Rs 70,000 per month without even including the rent, while in Switzerland s Zurich, the same costs can go over 1 lakh, according to the Numbeo data.

The report compiled by The Economic Intelligence unit takes into account the cost of living in these cities.