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3 Unconventional Investments To Make This Year

Team BankBazaar

When you think of the word ‘investment’, stocks, deposits, gold and real estate may run through your mind. However, if you step out of the box and view investments from vantage point of returns made to you or your life prospects, then the scope of the word increases to include elements like learning a new skill or going on a vacation to kill stress.

Here are 3 non-conventional investments for you to make in 2019, which will not only make your bank balance heftier, but also improve your quality of life.


Let’s start off with health. Not only does it dictate your course of life and the limits to which you can push yourself, but it also determines the medical bills you will have to foot. Beginning your investment in health doesn’t need to cost you even a single a penny: educate yourself about nutrition and the right eating habits, drink enough water and create and follow a proper sleep schedule.

A survey by health ministry reveals that most Indians partake of an unbalanced diet, professionals are also facing the brunt of improper posture at work and an overly sedentary lifestyle. In this light, a health investment for you could take the form of a gym membership or a dedicated brisk morning walk. However, well-being is not limited to physical health; you can try things like meditating, listening to classical music, volunteering in community projects or going on vacations to reduce stress and come back to work feeling rejuvenated.


An investment in your career can add value to the services you offer, improve your job prospects and open new avenues or paths that could have you feeling more content at work, apart from increasing your pay check. You may think that your school days are over, but giving your career an educational boost will give the impetus to steer yourself towards your life goals. If you have completed your bachelors, consider a masters. If you are already mid-career and a full-time programme is not an option, start with areas of strength.

Perhaps you have a knack of picking up languages. Enrol for a foreign language course! It could help you do business with another country or even secure a job abroad. You can also take up small courses on soft or hard skills like time management, digital communication, team building or leadership. These are transferable across jobs and will benefit you throughout your lifetime. Today, you need not take a sabbatical to do a course. Instead, you can do online courses that will add value to your resume and help you learn something new too.

Freelance Job

A freelance venture can help you earn additional income that can be used to clear debt or to meet financial targets. What makes the freelance economy great is that a simple hobby like photography can be made into a regular source of income. Likewise, if you fancy your writing skills and like to explore the world around you, you can start a travel blog. If computer code is your forte, pick up a few web development projects.

Beginning now gives you the time to create a name for yourself in the market while also gathering important achievements for your portfolio. By polishing up your freelance skills now, you can perhaps jump fulltime into the gig in the near future and be your own boss too!

A smart investment in your career, wellbeing or a part-time job is a sure-shot recipe for enduring ROI. Get 2019 on the right track by pooling in time, effort and money into these 3 non-traditional investments.