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14-year-old video game addict ends life after his mother took away his smartphone

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14-year-old boy video game addict ends life after his mother took away his smartphone

The 14-year-old boy used to spend hours on his smartphone playing video games

In the recent time, smartphone addiction has become a pressing issue that has drawn the attention of medical experts and tech companies alike. While doctors and researchers for long have talked about the psychological impact of the excessive use of smartphones, more recently tech companies too have taken a note of the situation and they are now introducing features that are aimed at limiting the time spent on smartphone. Video game addiction, on the other hand, has worried the World Health Organisation so much so that it identified the condition as a real mental health disorder.

Following the similar lines, a 14-year-old boy addicted to video games allegedly committed suicide after his mother took away his smartphone.

According to report, Krish Sunil Lunawat lived with his mother and elder sister in a rented house in Maharashtra's Mahal area. Since both his mother and his sister used to work in private firms, he used to spend a lot of time alone at his house, where he used to spend hours on his smartphone playing video games.

Owing to his penchant for video game, Lunawat recently forced his mother to buy him a new Play Station for playing video games.

On Monday, his mother had to travel to Mumbai and so she asked him to give her the mobile phone. However, when Lunawat refused, his mother forcibly took the phone from him and left for the city in the afternoon the same day. Disturbed by the incident, the boy reportedly used a bed sheet at home to hang himself from a ceiling fan in the apartment.

The incident came to light when the boy's elder sister returned home on Monday evening, following which she informed the police. Soon after, Lunawat's body was taken for postmortem and a case was registered in the nearby Kotwali police station.

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As mentioned before, smartphone addiction is a dangerous trend. According to a study titled 'Smartphone Dependency, Hedonism and Purchase Behaviour: Implications for Digital India Initiatives' conducted by Aligarh Muslim University and the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), Indian college students check their smartphones a whopping 150 times a day.