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The $14 Hack That Makes Meal Prep and Cleanup a Breeze

Summer Cartwright
·2-min read
Qimh Colander collapsible, Colander Strainer Over The Sink Vegetable
Qimh Colander collapsible, Colander Strainer Over The Sink Vegetable

Now that we're all spending what seems like our entire lives in our kitchens while practicing social distancing, finding new and innovative tools to make that time better is crucial. There's really something out there for everybody. For instance, there are reusable K-Cups for environmentally conscious Keurig users, adjustable shelf units for those who need more storage space, and spice racks that double as paper towel holders for compact kitchens. The world is truly filled with wonders. Another one of those? An expandable colander that can fit over your sink.

This ingenious contraption does the same work of a traditional colander but comes with the added benefit of fitting perfectly atop your sink. The accessory can adjust from 15 inches to up to two feet wide, thanks to its extending handles.

It's a mess-free contraption that can save you so much time and energy while prepping produce or draining dishes. Leave it out as a cleaning station while you're washing fruits and vegetables, and then use it as an extra storage space for prep work. You can keep your clean produce in the colander until you're ready to chop it up, thus saving you some much-needed counterspace.

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Plus, it makes straining so much easier now that you have two hands to do it.

"This colander is absolutely perfect for me," wrote one five-star reviewer. "I have arthritis and have had difficulty straining hot items (boiled potatoes, pasta, etc.) because I have to hold the cooking pot/pan with both hands ... This is perfect! There's no chance of contamination and I can use both hands to pour the contents of the pot/pan."

Cleanup is simplified with this gadget, too. It can work as a waste holder for scraps and skins and save you from having to sponge up your disposal or sink space once your meal is in the oven. Simply lift the colander up by the handles and bring it over to the trash can for a one-step cleaning.

It's a multi-use accessory that you're sure to find new work for over time—this could be why it's garnered more than 5,000 perfect five-star ratings.

"This thing is life-changing," wrote one shopper. "I make a lot of pastas and rinse a lot of veggies and this thing is perfect for everything! It's sturdy when using the arms to go across the sink and it stands well in the sink on its own."

Bonus: When the colander isn't in use, you can flatten it for easy storage. There's no wasted space using this thing. For just under $15, you can shop this popular kitchen essential below.

To buy: $14;