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13 best sleeping bags for babies that are lightweight and safety-conscious

Martha Alexander
·9-min read
We tested for safety, cosiness and aesthetic designs  (The Independent/ iStock)
We tested for safety, cosiness and aesthetic designs (The Independent/ iStock)

Where infants are concerned, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed good night’s sleep.

But there are plenty of ways to increase the chances.

What did parents do before sleeping bags? Place blankets over wriggly babies and wait for the inevitable kick off moment?

Thankfully the infant sleeping bag is now a rite of passage for most families, who embrace them for their ability to stay on, the safety and temperature regulating qualities.

As well as this, sleeping bags can be an essential part of a child’s nap or bedtime routine, an important stepping stone in preparing them for the Land of Nod.

We think plenty of parents would also agree that a big part of why sleeping bags are so popular is that it means there is no bed to be made on busy mornings!

The main quality we were looking for in an infant’s sleeping bag was safety. We wanted to be sure that the material was breathable, that the tog label was accurate and that there were no zips, buttons, straps or clasps that might be uncomfortable during the night.

We were looking for cosiness: is the material soft and comfy? Are the armholes roomy without being draughty? How thick is the padding?

It was also important that the sleeping bag was nice looking – a design that little ones would be excited to get into but that parents found an attractive aesthetic addition to the nursery.

When it comes to Tog rating – it’s fair to go by the rule that British-dwelling families would be safe to use a 2.5 tog sleeping bag for their little ones except during summer heat waves or on foreign holidays – or if you have the heating turned up to tropical! We have included a few different togs in the round up. What Tog you choose also depends on your child’s pajamas.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent.

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Sleeping bag 2.5 tog

Available in a range of different togs and for children aged up to 18 months old, what we thought was pretty awesome about this sleeping bag, aside from its cheery rainbow print, was its nappy change zip which essentially allows access to the lower front section so that parents or carers can change sleeping babies with minimal disruption.

There is also a main zip down the side and poppers on both shoulders and the packaging comes with handy guides on how to ensure your little one is the right temperature. It’s easy to see how this has won so many awards.

Buy now £29.95, Snuz

Baby sleeping bag 1.0 tog

Made out of the same soft 100 per cent cotton that have made their muslins an A-list parent’s must-have item, this sleep suit is light, sweet and the perfect transition from swaddle to bag.

The muslin makes it super-breathable – you won’t find a sweaty overheated baby in this bag. The central zip goes all the way to the bottom seam which makes the putting on and taking off process really straightforward.

Buy now £29.95, Aden + Anais

Ditsy print 2.5 tog sleeping bag

Fans of classic, traditional baby style will love the Liberty-like floral ditsy print on this sleeping bag, which fits snugly up top with decent length for infants who like to kick about or sleep like a starfish. There’s enough wadding to make this feel cosy and warm enough for winter nights, but it’s not a plump duvet-style bag.

The zipper is part of the side seam and goes all the way along the bottom as well, with two popper fastenings on each shoulder so that the entire bag opens out completely flat. We also liked that there was a popper under each arm hole for adjustable sizing.

Buy now £28.00, JoJo Maman Bebe

Clever sleeping bag 0.5 tog

One of the loveliest things about Mori is the beautiful packaging. This sleeping bag arrives in tissue paper in a smart, sealed box making it a perfect gift. We also love that Mori offers muted, sophisticated tones for parents who like to keep things simple.

Made from organic cotton and bamboo with thermos-regulating technology so that children are kept not too hot and not too cold, the “clever” part of this product’s name is totally accurate. This is a light sleeping bag – both lightweight and cool. The neck and chest are snug to keep the bag, which has a double direction zipper, firmly in place.

The length is generous but also adjustable thanks to carefully placed poppers which can fold it into a shorter design. This goes further than many sleeping bags in that it has an opening to cater for a pushchair belt, meaning this sleeping bag is an integral part of your travel itinerary. Sweetest of all – this can be personalised with your baby’s name.

Buy now £59.50, Baby Mori

Rainbow elephants 2.5 tog sleep bag

This is a warm, cosy sleeping bag that won’t break the bank. With a cotton interior and exterior, it’s gentle on baby skin. Poppers on each shoulder keep the bag secure and snug but make it easy for parents to quickly put it on or take it off. The zip is on the side seam and goes halfway around the bottom seam. We love the sweet design – elephants squirting rainbow coloured water is exactly the kind of aesthetic we are here for!

Buy now £20.00, Next

Organic sleeping bag 2.5 tog

We are obsessed with this colour – a rich honey shade that is so underrated as a nursery hue. Made from a blend of organic linen and cotton, this is gentle against infant skin. This feels squishier and thicker than some of the others in this round up; like a proper winter warmer! We were pleased to see the underarm poppers for extra snugness or roominess when wearing thicker PJs. The zip travels around the side and right across the bottom and both shoulders have poppers on them so the bag can be opened out.

Buy now £29.95, The Little Green Sheep

World sleeping bag 2.5 tog

Made from sustainable 100 per cent organic cotton, this is breathable, warm, gentle and ensures that infants are as cosy as can be during their slumber. We were especially thrilled by the storage bag it comes in – perfect for neat packing or Marie Kondo-type households. There is also an opening for car seats to pass through so sleep doesn’t have to stop for travel.

Buy now £39.99, Kit and Kin

Sleepsuit 1.0 tog

This Australian brand has safety right at the top of its agenda; all of the suits come packed in boxes covered in information about how to ensure babies are dressed properly at night. We loved the double zipper – perfect for unexpected nappy changes so you won’t find yourself having to completely undress your baby in the middle of the night.

Both machine washable and tumble dryer friendly. There is also an extraordinary but rather brilliant leg situation. While most sleeping bags don’t allow for children to walk in them, this one does. There are “legs” which can be pulled down to cover feed at bedtime. This makes it safer for children to move in their cot.

Buy now £40.99, Love To Dream

Pack of 2 dreampods 2.5 tog

A pack of two is certainly a good idea when it comes to sleeping bags. These dreampods are really lovely to look at with a smart monochrome colour scheme. The zip is around the size on both, the shoulders are poppered and there is a cosy heaviness to the fabric. We liked the very rounded bottom of the pods – perfect for babies who like to stretch out at night.

Buy now £45.00, Mamas & Papas

SleepSack tog 2

This is so pretty while still being super practical. The zip runs right down the middle, but is concealed for extra comfort and to ensure busy little hands can’t do any meddling! The length is adjustable – carefully placed poppers on the back mean smaller babies can be made super cosy with just one fold over, and as they grow, the bag can open out. This feels lovely, there’s a good weight to it and a sponginess that surely spells a good night’s sleep.

Buy now £49.00, BabyBird

Winter sleeping bag 2.6 tog

Firstly, what a pattern! This is retro chic if ever we saw it, ideal for families who take an original approach to styling. We absolutely love the little arms (and kind of wished it were a dress for adults, to be honest) and could tell immediately that this was going to be the one for the coldest nights of the year. It has a soft cotton outer layer but feels fairly thick and very squishy. Gorgeous.

Buy now £39.95, Little Dutch

Cam Cam muslin sleeping bag 2.5 tog

This is one of the most beautiful prints we’ve ever seen – nursery or otherwise. It comes in other colourways too but we think this blue is especially lovely. Aside from being completely easy on the eye this is made from delicate muslin cotton and feels light, well-made and cosy – perfect for cold nights and yet still breathable. The interior feels especially soft, almost like silk. Total baby luxury.

Buy now £46.95, Cam Cam Copenhagen

Cocoon swaddle bag ergopouch 0.2 tog

With its low tog rating this is for summer nights, holidays or hot homes. It’s light with a flexible jersey feel – kind of like your favourite pair of jogging bottoms. This is only for very small babies – from newborn to three months old. Initially it is a swaddle bag, which means it keeps babies arms snuggled against their bodies to prevent them twitching or flailing which can wake them up. Once a baby is a little older and has started twitching less or rolling, the cocoon’s armholes can be opened up by undoing discreet poppers. So clever.

Buy now £24.00, Kidly

The verdict: Sleeping bags for babies

The Snuzpouch for lots of reasons but mainly its ingenious changing zipper. Keep an eye on your little one while they doze with one of the best baby monitors.