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11-year-old girl says her iPhone began sparking in her hand, leaving holes in her blanket

Adrianna Rodriguez
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Apple says it's looking into an incident in which an 11-year-old girl from California says her iPhone 6 nearly exploded in her hand.

Kayla Ramos told 23ABC that she was lying down with phone in hand when sparks began to fly from the device. She quickly threw the iPhone on the blanket, where it burned several holes in the fabric.

“I was right here on the bed and the phone managed to burn through this blanket and make these holes,” Ramos told the station.

Maria Adata, Ramos’ mom, called Apple support the next day. She was instructed to send pictures of the device and ship it back once she receives shipping labels from the retailer, 23ABC reported.

Ramos told the station that she doesn’t plan on sleeping with her phone next to her anymore and guessed that the phone may have caught fire after overheating.

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Apple told USA TODAY Tuesday that the company was looking into the matter after getting in touch with the customer. 

Concern has grown in recent years over smartphones and a perceived tendency to catch fire. Samsung was forced to recall the Note 7 cellphone twice after customers reported their devices exploding in 2017. The episode damaged the Samsung brand and cost the company at least $5.3 billion.

More recently, a flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport to London Heathrow was diverted to Boston July 4 after a cellphone battery pack ignited a seat cushion and caused a fire. 

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: iPhone catches fire in California girl’s hand, burns holes in blanket