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10 imposters held in BSES drive against fake 'officials' in Delhi

New Delhi, Nov 28 (IANS) A recent intensified crackdown against impostors masquerading as discom officials has resulted in the apprehending of 10 impostors, Delhi power distribution company BSES said on Wednesday.

Advising consumers to verify the identity of persons who visit their premises claiming to be from BSES, a company statement said that in the last 3-4 years, over 30 of these "impostors" have been apprehended and most of them arrested.

"Recently, a tout masquerading as a BSES official was convicted by the Special Court of Electricity. He was imposed a fine of Rs 72,000 and in default, he will have to undergo simple imprisonment of 10 days. During an inspection at his premises in Krishna Nagar in 2014, several meters and fake documents were found," it said.

"Posing as BSES 'enforcement' officials, two people visited a residence at the posh Paryavaran Complex in south Delhi, ostensibly to check the meter. Suspecting something amiss, the alert customer called BSES Vigilance which advised her to do a sting operation. The suspect was found to be an impostor."

In this case, before the BSES team could reach the spot, the impostors managed to flee.

"Police was informed and an FIR was registered at the e-Police Station in Mehrauli," the statement added.

Advising consumers to verify the identity of persons claiming to be from BSES, a company spokesperson said: "We once again appeal to our consumers not to get intimidated by the impostors and give them any money whatever be the reason. All enforcement (fines and penalties) and commercial payments are to be made only at designated BSES offices."

"If consumers have any doubt or notice anything suspicious, they should immediately alert the nearest BSES office or call 262 73311 / 39999707 for BRPL and 8010930719 / 39999808 for BYPL or inform the local police on 100," the statement said.