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10 Best Jobs for Moms Working From Home

·6-min read
10 Best Jobs for Moms Working From Home
10 Best Jobs for Moms Working From Home

Throughout Swarnima Singh's childhood, she witnessed her mother's entrepreneurial spirit come alive. From an outsider's perspective, Bharti Singh is an army wife and mother of two girls, whose time was spent ensuring her children made it to school on time and her husband's army club was stocked with homemade snacks.

However, "she took on other roles. In an effort to be financially independent, my mom started dozens of successful businesses over the last 25 years. Women in India are expected to fulfill their domestic duties, while the man goes out to work. But my mom wanted to do both, and she proved it was possible," shared Swarnima.

Startling numbers from the 2020 Global Gender Gap Report substantiate the struggles that women in India often face. Women make up 24.8% of India's labour force, while men dominate the worksphere at 81.6%. And if the coronavirus pandemic has shown us anything, it's that work from home is not as inclusive as we imagined. Women, in particular, face the brunt of domestic duties, which has increased tenfold as schools shut down and children attend class from home.

"My mom had an excellent ability to actualize her interests into profitable business, and by doing so she had control over her hours and production goals," said Swarnima. "Among her many ventures, she led cooking and toy-making classes at our house. We can only imagine how much more lucrative this would be if she had done this in 2021, when everyone is online and stuck at home."

Like Bharti Singh, many moms in India seek to work alongside taking care of the family. Below, we've listed the best jobs for working moms based on flexible hours, fair compensation, and an array of skill sets.

1. Copywriter

As long as the piece meets its deadline, copywriters can set their own hours, while exercising a level of creativity in their work. If you're a mom with excellent writing skills, you should consider a writing-based job like SEO copywriting or direct-response copywriting. These jobs don't require a high level of upskilling, as long as you have a good handle on grammar and persuasive writing. However, some companies might require a portfolio of past work to prove your abilities.

If you're interested in other writing-based jobs, consider freelance writing or proofreading.

2. Data Entry Specialist

Data entry specialists input data into an electronic storage system, like an Excel spreadsheet. If you have great attention to detail and fast typing skills, you should have no trouble finding a data entry job. Moms who have a love for numbers and organization will especially enjoy this line of work.

Look out for similar jobs like data and word processors, typists, and transcribers.

3. Customer Service Representative

There is no lack of customer service jobs, which is good for mothers who are seeking to fill a position quickly. Customer service can be done by phone, through instant message, or email. Patience is key for a customer service job, which many mothers have already mastered by raising children at home. However, you will need a quiet place at home to fulfil this job duty, as well time to learn how to use customer service software.

4. Virtual Assistant

Much like a customer service representative, a virtual assistant's job is to provide support to a company or employer. Job duties include a range of tasks like answering emails, scheduling appointments, and doing research for a team project. Qualifications for this job will depend on the employer.

For similar jobs, consider positions like online travel agent, event planner, or researcher.

5. Teaching English Online

Teaching English is a popular job for moms who are seeking part-time work with good compensation. If you have a certification, you can become an English As A Second Language (ESL) or an English vocational teacher. Even without certifications, moms that are fluent in English speaking and writing can put out ads on job sites to teach children or adults online.

No matter which language you speak, you can find someone who wants to learn it. Whether it's Hindi, Tamil, French, or Japanese, you will be able to find tutoring opportunities online.

6. Social Media Management

If you've kept up with your children's social media trends, then you have exactly what it takes to excel in social media management. This job requires the ability to create eye-catching content and keep an organized schedule of when to post on social media platforms.

The only caveat to this job recommendation is that many employers seek out Generation Z employees to fill social media positions. However, you can still find opportunities with a company that speaks to your interests and background. For example, you would have much more insight for a company whose product is catered to parents.

7. Graphic Designer

If you're a mother with both artistic and technical skills, graphic design is a great option for you. This job allows you to work on your own time, as long as you meet your client's deadline. While you do not need a certification to be a graphic designer, companies do expect a portfolio to showcase your past work. Many graphic designers start out by learning the ropes of Adobe Suite and creating free art for small businesses and friends.

If you are interested in other art-based positions, consider illustration, animation, video production and editing, or web design.

8. Computer Programmer

Computer science is a male-dominated field, but that's more reason to upskill and compete for this high paying job. Moms who are interested in numbers, patterns, and organization, will find computer languages and coding interesting, if at least intuitive. To learn the ropes of computer science, you do not need to enroll in a full-time college course. Instead, you can teach yourself through many free websites, or you can pay for a coding bootcamp that is tailored to women.

If you're interested in learning more about computer coding and programming jobs, look into web development and UI/UX design, software application development, or database administration.

9. Etsy Entrepreneur

Etsy is the perfect marketplace for moms who are interested in selling their homemade products. From candles and jewelry to illustrations and handmade bags, Etsy has empowered women across India to turn their creative hobbies into income. However, entrepreneurship comes with risk. The average annual income of an Etsy seller is Rs. 40 lakhs, but 65% of sellers sold less than ₹7,313 per year.

The Etsy industry is up and coming in India. To start your own Etsy entrepreneurship, you should be prepared to account for the costs of production, marketing and shipping.

10. Blogger

Some moms have made it big by creating a huge following on their blogs. While this can be a successful business, it requires much time and care to develop a fanbase. Much like social media, the blogger's success depends on how you market your webpage. With enough people visiting your blog, you begin making money by selling ad space on your site.

Another type of blogging is in the form of video. There are many Youtube success stories, with an average Youtuber earning ₹1315 for every 1,000 ad views. As long as you have a product or service to offer and a good quality camera, you can begin your Youtube-to-Income journey.

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