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10 best apps to help you manage money better in 2021

·3-min read

Today with everything online, it’s never been easier to track your money, pay your bills, and stay on budget.

But still, people face money problems. Are you tired of reaching the end of the month and wondering where your salary disappeared?

Budgeting is essential for us, especially at this age with multiple subscriptions and online shopping, it has become challenging for people to track their money.

The good news is that there are now, numerous apps to help you track and manage your money and to stop you from spending unnecessarily so that you meet your financial goals.

Here are the 10 best money apps for 2021 to help you manage your money better:

Mint: Mint is one of the most popular budgeting apps. Your financial accounts will be connected with this app, and it will track and categorise all your transactions. It has got different categories, and it will send you alerts when you are going over your budget. You will also get alerts for any suspicious transactions. It keeps track of your bills and sends you reminders for upcoming payments.

YNAB (You Need A Budget): Probably the best app in this segment. The best thing about this app is that it more than just tracks your money; it also teaches you how to budget. It provides guidance for smart money management and financial responsibility.

EveryDollar: This is a zero-based budgeting app, which means it uses a method where your expenses are equal to your income. This app helps you track how much money you spend and help you plan for purchases.

Goodbudget: It is the best app if you are sharing your bank accounts with your partner. This app allows multiple devices to access the same account so that all members of a family can keep track of money. It is based on the Envelope System in which you can portion out your monthly budget towards specific spending categories.

Simple: This is one of the best automation apps. When other apps help you plan and track your spending, Simple will move, save your money, and will also pay your bills. It is more than an app; it is a bank. You decide how much money goes towards your expenses and savings, and Simple takes care of the rest through automation.

Acorns: It is more like a virtual piggy bank. Its automated savings tool will round up your purchases on linked debit and credit cards and then change them into an investment portfolio. It is most suited for those who struggle with money.

Personal Capital: Besides helping you with your monthly budget, this app is handy for long term financial planning.

Clarity Money: This is one of the best apps for savings. Besides tracking your expenses and spending habits, this app will flag subscriptions to make sure you aren’t paying for anything you don’t use.

Digit: This is for people who are not serious investors, but who want to invest or save without any subject-matter expertise.

Wally: This app is famous for its simplicity. The simple and user-friendly interface helps to budget effortlessly.

Notwithstanding these apps which simplify money management, it is essential to separate your business and personal finances before using any of them to avoid any kind of financial contingencies.

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