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1 Minute Read: Travel Insurance A Must For Senior Citizen Travellers

Team BankBazaar

Travelling is done for work and leisure. And though the chances of the traveller running into some trouble are low, a lot could go wrong during your trip. As a senior citizen, you need to travel hassle-free. So why not insure yourself for peace of mind and protect yourself financially during the trip. Here’s what a travel insurance policy can help senior citizens with.

  1. No Medical Checks: Most travel insurance policies allow travellers up to the ages of 85-90 years. The travellers don’t need medical checks.
  2. Medical Cover Provided: Travel insurance have bundled health insurance, which is a necessity during foreign travel if you require hospitalisation in the country you’re visiting. Also, health coverage may be mandatory for visits to some countries such as the United States, where healthcare is expensive.
  3. Lost Baggage, Theft, Loss of Passport: The travel policy will cover the loss of your belongings during the travel, up to specified limits. The policy may also provide an emergency cash advance if you lose your belongings.
  4. Accident & Personal Liability: If you’re injured, have an accident, die, have a permanent disability, or incur a legal liability from damages to third parties, the travel policy may be able to provide coverage.
  5. Delays & Cancellations: If your flight gets delayed, if a connection is missed, if your trip is interrupted for some reason, or is cancelled, you may be able to claim damages with the policy.