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1 Minute Read: How To Shop Online Safely And Pay Money Safely During Online Shopping

Team BankBazaar
Photo by Rupixen on Unsplash

Shopaholics love online shopping as it gives them the convenience of comparing prices, availing deeper discounts and cashback, and being able to shop from the comfort of their phone. All they need to shop is a screen and an internet connection. But with online shopping, you must know how to safely use your money, maximise gains, minimize losses and frauds, and keep your bank account or credit card account safe.

Always Shop Through A Trusted Website

Shop only on familiar and popular websites. Do check if the name of the website is spelt properly. Be cautious of the spelling and URL of the website you are opening.

Opt For Cash On Delivery Option

When in doubt about the website you’re transacting on, play safe and opt for COD. You may need to pay a few extra rupees, but your account will be safe.

Use Security Software

It’s best to have the latest security software installed on your computer or laptop. You can, in this manner, avoid most known security threats to your system. Remember to get this software from trusted brands only.

Have Complex, Unique Passwords 

Keep your logins and passwords unique and complex. Passwords should be a mix of alphabets, numbers and characters and should be convenient to remember but hard to crack.

Shop Only Through ‘HTTPS’ URLs

Transact only through secured URLs – basically, links with ‘https’ at the front. Avoid transacting via unsecured links. Look for the green padlock in the address bar for assured safety. A red padlock means a security alert. You can also click on the little padlock to verify the website’s security certificate.

Avoid Shopping Through Public Wi-Fi

Avoid transacting on public internet connections, cyber cafes etc. While they may be safe for general internet browsing, sharing secured data through them is a bad idea. You can also opt for Virtual Private Network (VPN) services for an encrypted connection between your device and the websites you use.

 Change You Password Regularly

It will be a smart idea to change your passwords regularly so that your accounts remain safe from various threats such as hackers. Do not share your personal details or password with anyone.

In case you are alerted about transactions on your bank or card account you don’t recognize, alert your bank immediately to prevent further misuse. is India’s leading online marketplace for loans and credit cards.