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1 Minute Read – All You Need To Know About E-Insurance Account

Team BankBazaar

In a day and age where you can access all you need from your smartphone, the option of an e-Insurance Account (eIA) is quite enticing. The upsides of this financial product include being able to access your insurance information on the go and all in one place. Here’s a handy primer that will tell you all you need to know about the advantages that an eIA brings to the table.

Safely Store All Your Insurance Policies

An e-Insurance account is an insurance repository that holds the information of all your covers and policies, from car insurance to term insurance, in a consolidated electronic space. Not only does it reduce the paperwork, but also prevents any misplacement of your information. You can bid long queues goodbye by opening a free account with any of the five IRDAI authorised repositories.

Effortlessly Manage Your Insurance Account

Updating your insurance policies with details like your most recent address to receive future mail does not require you to follow procedures thrice for three different insurance policies. Just update the new address on your e-insurance account for automatic updating of your address in all your policies!

Obtaining a statement, viewing insurance account details, paying premiums, and updating your KYC can all be easily completed via your e-insurance account. Further, you gain from regular reminders about upcoming payments and can use the account itself to pay your premiums effortlessly.

Cut Down On Processing Timeframes

Not only do you save time traveling to the nearest branch of your insurer every time you need a query resolved, but you also save time on the faster processing of your premiums. In addition to this, you can enjoy the ease of updating your KYC details with your e-insurance account once and your policies will be automatically updated.

Go paperless and open an e-insurance account to start managing your policies and time more efficiently.