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1 Minute Read: 3 Unique Ways To Avoid Impulsive Spending

Team BankBazaar

It becomes tempting when you are surrounded by advertisements that trigger your tendency to indulge in impulse buying, but here’s how to start saying ‘No’, and not go down the ‘shopaholic’ route!

View Price Tags In Terms Of The Number Of Days You Work

Divide your salary by the days in the month to know how much you earn per day. So the next time you feel like purchasing that new watch, consider its price in terms of how many days you’ve worked. This will help you understand the value of items better and nip the impulse in the bud!


Keep Shopping Apps and Notifications at Bay

Looking at a slashed price notification on your smartphone or an email from a brand offering a ‘limited period’ discount, can contribute to your urge of buying. Since out of sight is out of mind, uninstall shopping apps and unsubscribe from such emails to reduce temptation.

Look At Sales For What They Are

While buying what you need when it is on sale can help you save, stop yourself from purchase things you don’t need just because they are on sale!

Along with these tips to tame reckless spending, notice the amount of money you are spending and give yourself a spending budget to ensure you don’t dip into your savings.